Comet Card

Terms and Conditions

  • The account holder agrees that the Comet Card is the property of The University of Texas at Dallas. Depositing funds and using UTDollars for purchases constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as stated below.
  • UTDollars is an optional account of pre-paid funds.
  • There are no fees or interest charges to establish or use UTDollars.
  • No cash may be withdrawn on demand from the UTDollars Account.
  • Returned checks will be assessed a $25 fee, and the UTDollars Account will be suspended until the fee and returned check have been paid.
  • The balance remaining in the UTDollars account at the end of each semester will carry over to the next semester.
  • An accountholder may request a refund only upon ending their association with UT Dallas. A written request or an Account Closing Form is required.
  • The refund is credited to the accountholder's University Business Account. If no balance is owed to the University a refund check is processed.
  • The Comet Card may be confiscated by authorized University staff if it is used by an individual other than the cardholder or misused in any other way (illegal transactions etc.). This card and its use are governed by UT Dallas rules and regulations.
  • Information regarding the UTDollars account may be disclosed to third parties (a) when necessary to complete transactions, (b) when the account needs verification, (c) to comply with government agency or court orders, or (d) with accountholder’s written permission.
  • UT Dallas is not responsible for any charges made on the card prior to its being reported lost or stolen.