Comet Card

Note: UTDollars which have not been used for 12 months or more will be forfeited to the University.

Get a Comet Card

Come to the Comet Center to obtain your first card. Students must sign in at the counter and show:

  • Proof of registration for the current or upcoming semester (printout of class schedule).
  • A photo ID (USA Driver's License or Passport)

Faculty and staff must bring a completed Faculty/Staff Comet Card Request Requires Adobe Reader authorized by the department.

Card Care

Your Comet Card has real value. It is important to take good care of it and protect it at all times. Please do not:

  • Bend or write on the card
  • Scratch the magnetic stripe
  • Place stickers on card
  • Punch holes in card
  • Use card as a tool
  • Expose card to extreme heat

Comet Card Protectors are available for $1.50 and replacement pouches are free.


It is the responsibility of the cardholder to report a lost card. The University is not responsible for any loss or expense incurred from the misuse of your card.

Lost cards must be reported to the Comet Card Office. If your card is linked to a bank account, you must report your lost card to the bank. Once a debit card has been deactivated, it must be replaced.

Card replacements are issued at the Comet Center for a $20 fee. Replaced cards cannot be reactivated and will be confiscated if used. A new photo must be taken if the current photo is older than one year.