Comet Closet

Meet The Team

Elena Podleski

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Major: Finance

Classification: Sophomore

Hobbies: weight lifting, reading the news, calling family and hanging out with friends

Most interesting thing you have done: I joined a circus camp when I was younger!

Favorite Fact: Goats have rectangular pupils; the pupil shape of an animal can tell you if they are a predator or prey!

What is your favorite part of working with the Comet Closet? The Comet Closet allows me to help and meet many students. There is a lot that is put into the Comet Closet like marketing, building partnerships, and managing data. All of these things help us, the Comet Closet Team, to build the Comet Closet program and help more students. There is nothing better than seeing a student’s face light up in pure happiness from finding a perfect suit in the Comet Closet; they know that suit gives them a key that will unlock so many doors for them. The Comet Closet isn’t just about clothing; it’s about giving students the opportunities they deserve to have and deserve to accomplish from their hard work. The Comet Closet is more than a closet and it’s more than a job. It is run with passion and service because that was the idea behind its creation, and that’s what we try to give to every student.