Comets to the Core

Comets to the Core is a new co-curricular requirement starting fall semester of 2017 for all incoming freshmen. The requirement is a project to be completed within the first six weeks of enrollment and again in the fall semester of each students’ junior year. Each student will be placed in a group with seven other incoming students from different majors. The groups will work together using their members’ unique skill sets to propose a multi-faceted solution to a problem selected by UT Dallas students, faculty and staff.

The problem selected for the 2017-18 academic year is the global water crisis.  Below is a list of learning outcomes, tasks and resources to guide your work. You may also want to review the frequently asked questions for more information.

Assignment Details

An outline of your assignment details can be found here. This information was also emailed to your UT Dallas email account.

This project will enable students to:

  • Meet new students from other disciplines and collaborate to address real-world problems
  • Cultivate skill sets in the areas of critical thinking, oral and written communication, problem solving, teamwork, and social and personal responsibility
  • Describe how specific disciplines relate to large-scale social problems
  • Network with industrial partners and/or corporate sponsors
  • Compete with peers for a scholarship or funding