Comets to the Core – Weekly Tasks

Week 1

  1. Meet your team. Take advantage of Weeks of Welcome (WoW) festivities and organize a face-to-face meeting with your team. Another option would be to schedule a tour of UT Dallas’ Makerspace, UTDesign Lab, and/or UTD’s Fabrication Lab with your team.
  1. Introductory Assignment. Get started with some basic research on the global water crisis by reading/watching the following:
  2. Select a topic. There are many different factors that have contributed to the water crisis—your team will only need to focus on one of those topics. A list of ideas is available in eLearning.
  3. Draw up a group “contract.” Outline your specific roles for the project, the desired team dynamic, and general expectations for your group.

Week 2

  1. Continued research. Determine what is or is not being done to combat the specific problem you have chosen.
  2. Discussion Board: Discuss research findings as a team.

Week 3

  1. Propose a solution. Now that you have researched your topic, think about what some of the current “solutions” look like. Here are some questions to consider:
    • What solutions already exist?
    • What do those existing solutions lack?
    • How would you improve upon existing solutions?
  2. Discussion Board: Discuss the details of your proposed solution as a team.

Week 4

  1. Identify potential challenges. Every proposed solution will be accompanied by its own set of challenges and will likely lead to some unintended consequences. Here are some questions to consider when developing your solution:
    • What are some anticipated challenges to implementing your proposed solution?
    • If you are proposing an original solution, why do you think this solution has not been proposed yet?
    • Can you identify any potential unintended consequences that would be associated with your proposed solution? For example, the construction of a dam could result in ecological problems for climates and/or communities downstream.
    • How might you overcome those challenges?
  2. Discussion Board: Discuss potential challenges and how you might overcome them.

Week 5

  1. Articulate the importance of your solution. Consider why your proposed solution is necessary or how it will alleviate problems associated with the global water crisis.
    • Is it innovative?
    • Is it cost effective?
    • Is it simple or user friendly?
    • What makes your solution better than others?
  2. Discussion Board: Discuss as a team how your proposed solution is useful and/or important.

Week 6

  1. Video Pitch. After you and your teammates have identified your solution, you will each serve as public representatives of your team’s project. Each of you will be required to submit a three-to-five minute video pitch to potential investors and/or a grant review board in the attempt to secure funding so that your solution can be implemented. Note that you are not required to actually secure funding; however, if your team’s solution is chosen as one of the top five solutions, you may be eligible to receive funding at a later date. Tips for your online video presentations can be found here.
  2. Written Response. You will also be asked a few questions related to this project, and you will be asked to evaluate the contributions of your teammates.

Project Due: October 1, 2018

Instructions on how to submit your video pitch and written response are posted on the UNIV 1010 Course Homepage in eLearning.

You will also be asked to rate your teammates’ contributions to the project via a confidential survey that will be emailed to your UT Dallas email account.