Alumnus Creates Robotics Company

After David Hanson received his PhD from UT Dallas in aesthetic studies and interactive arts and engineering, he founded Hanson Robotics to explore robotic expressions, characteristics, and adaptive intelligence and its applications.

For his accomplishments, he received the School of Arts and Humanities Alumni of the Year Award in 2012. Hanson creates androids – humanlike robots with intelligence. Through integrated research in cognitive artificial intelligence, bio-inspired mechanics, material science, sculpture and animation, expressive robotic faces and walking robot bodies, Hanson strives to bring robots to life. The walking, talking robots resulting from Hanson's efforts have been recognized in various publications, including Wired and PC Magazine.

"David Hanson has helped revolutionize our notion of what a robot is and the possibilities of robotics in education. His robots with human faces are displayed around the world, adding luster to our aspiration of leadership at the intersection of arts and technology," said Arts and Humanities Dean Dennis Kratz.

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