Texas Instruments Provides Training for STEM Teachers

Teachers participate in the STEP in STEM program at UT Dallas.

For more than 80 years, Texas Instruments has used increasingly complex signal-processing technology to repeatedly change the world. To continue this flow of innovation, TI and UT Dallas have partnered on a new program that will seek to rectify the fact that 80 percent of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers in secondary schools are not certified to teach these disciplines. The Summer Teaching Enhancement Program in STEM, known as STEP in STEM, is sponsored by TI and was developed by the UT Dallas Center for STEM Education and Research (C-SER). The program is an integrated technology project-based-learning teacher development program for cohorts of 20-25 secondary teachers. The 53 STEM teachers who have been trained so far are from 20 schools in the Dallas area.

The STEP in STEM program goals are to increase effective technology use in STEM classrooms, provide real-word project-based instruction and facilitate teacher interaction with technology companies and faculty leaders to develop on-going support system.

“TI and UT Dallas recognized the need for a strategic program that leverages the University’s expertise in project-based learning and helps teachers engage students,” said Arturo Sanchez, former TI director of education and workforce development. “These experiences bring real-life, real-work experiences to the curriculum and give teachers exposure to new ways to use the latest classroom technology. We’re building the future technical workforce by providing the resources that help teachers teach and students learn.”

TI provides the funding and technical expertise for the program. A Project Based Learning consultant facilitates curriculum development and UT Dallas provides classroom space, materials, supplies and project management.

Click here for more information on the STEP in STEM program sponsored by Texas Instruments.

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