Zyvex Labs is Stong Research Collaborator

This UTD logo was written on a silicon surface using a preamplifier produced by the UTDesign team. The lines shown are approximately one nanometer in width.

Richardson-based Zyvex Labs, a leading company in the pioneering field of nanotechnology, is dedicated to developing atomically precise manufacturing. The company has collaborators across the country, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia. But Zyvez also consistently partners locally with UT Dallas on summer internships, student research contracts and UT Design projects. “It is one of the best institutions in the world to collaborate with on advanced research projects,” said Dr. John Randall, president of Zyvex. “From their distinguished chair professors to their junior faculty, the level of expertise and scholarship are excellent,” said Randall. Zyvex has sponsored four projects for UTDesign, a capstone senior design course that allows students to work on projects for high-technology companies. A company mentor, in consultation with UTDesign faculty, helps define the project and meets with the team throughout the semester. UTDesign and the relationship between Zyvex and UT Dallas have led to new technologies in support of current and future company products. Founder and CEO of Zyvex, Jim Von Ehr, also has roots at UT Dallas, where he received his master’s degree.

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