LGBT+ Services

The UT Dallas Student Counseling Center (SCC) values and affirms diverse sexual, romantic, and gender identities and expressions. All SCC staff members are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for LGBT+ students. The SCC provides affirming individual, group, couples, and psychiatric services for LGBT+ students, consistent with our mission to celebrate diverse identities. The Sexual and Gender Identity and Expression Group is consistently offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Gender and Sexuality Consultation Team (GSCT)

The Gender and Sexuality Consultation Team (GSCT) is a group of clinicians with passion for serving the transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) community who have significant experience and training related to working with LGB/TGNC students. The GSCT has developed specialized services for TGNC students who are seeking gender confirmation procedures/documentation (e.g., letters supporting hormones or gender confirmation surgery, documentation related to gender marker/name change). Our goal is to ensure transgender and gender non-conforming students receive the highest quality care in a supportive, respectful space.

Gender Confirmation Procedures

Following the guidance of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), the GSCT has created a process for students seeking letters for gender confirmation procedures.  The first step is to come into the SCC to set up an initial evaluation appointment and complete paperwork. When you schedule the appointment, inform the front desk staff or indicate on your paperwork that you are seeking an appointment to discuss gender confirmation procedures (for example, a letter for hormones). This will ensure that following your initial evaluation, you are seen by a member of the GSCT.

What to Expect

During your first appointment with a member of the GSCT, you will be provided detailed information about options for seeking letters, including options at the SCC as well as referrals within the community.

If you choose to move forward at the SCC, your clinician will gather information related to personal history, such as gender identity, family and social support, and mental health history. Per recommendations from the WPATH Standards of Care, your clinician will broadly review information related to medical aspects of transitioning, including a review of benefits and risks of gender confirmation procedures. Your clinician is also committed to supporting you through this process, such as exploring insurance coverage, identifying affirming physicians in the community, and providing ongoing support throughout your transition process (for example, support around coming out at work). Because each individual's situation is different, we cannot guarantee a specific time frame, but have found that this process is generally completed within 4-6 sessions.

UT Dallas LGBT+ Resources

In addition to the support services and therapy offered by the SCC, there are a variety of resources available through the Galerstein Gender Center (GGC). GGC staff members are knowledgeable about local LGBT+ services and inclusive policies at UT Dallas (e.g., gender marker change, name change on Comet Card and class rosters), and are a supportive and safe space for LGBT+ students, faculty, and staff.

For questions regarding student health insurance coverage of gender confirmation procedures, contact Yesenia Aguirre, Student Insurance Program Coordinator, at [email protected].

For information related to the Gender Inclusive Housing option, please contact

Catherine Pickrel, Director of Residential Life: [email protected] or at 972-883-7430

LGBT+ Related Organizations at UT Dallas

Pride at UTD -

Rainbow Guard -

QuTD (an employee resource group for LGBT+ staff and faculty) -

Contact Information:

The GSCT welcomes consultation and questions from faculty, staff, students, and community members. For questions regarding GSCT services, or to consult with GSCT members, please contact:

Dr. Brittany Escuriex   [email protected]

Dr. Erin Schrader         [email protected]

SCC phone: 972-883-2575