What is group counseling?

Group counseling provides an opportunity to improve personal skills, develop increased confidence, overcome blocks to personal effectiveness, and acquire a keener awareness and appreciation of interactions with others. In a group setting, a small group of peers and co-facilitators meet weekly to provide feedback and support for self-improvement. Group members are encouraged to explore and express feelings, examine belief systems, reflect on and receive feedback about patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthy changes. In order for group counseling to be effective, active participation is encouraged. Participation involves regular attendance and respectful, honest communication. Groups may focus on a specific topic or may be general with an emphasis on personal growth. Typically group members will be working on a variety of issues. Groups meet weekly for one to two semesters.

Summer 2019 Group Therapy Offerings

Support Groups


Transfer or 1st Gen Student Support Group with Alanna

Mondays 2:00-3:30 pm; Start date: June 3rd


This group is for students who are new to the UTD experience, whether you are coming from another school or you are the first in your family to attend college. Conversations may include building social relationships, accessing resources, or sharing emotions related to transitions…just to name a few. We can offer support, connection, and a place to share your experience!


Romantic Relationships Group with Stephanie and Jimmy

Thursdays 1:00-2:30 pm; Start Date: June 6th


This group is open to students interested in increasing their understanding of romantic relationships. The goal of this group is to help students understand themselves in the context of romantic relationships and explore what healthy relationships look like. In the process, students will be able to connect with others in the moment by sharing experiences and offering support to others. This group is open to all students regardless of their current relationship status and open to all relationship interests (i.e., same sex, ploy, non-traditional etc). If you are interested in empowering yourself to have healthy, safe, and fulfilling intimate relationships, you may benefit from this group.


Personal Growth Group #1 –All Genders with Aisha & Markelse

Tuesdays 1:00-2:30 pm; Start Date: June 4th


This process-oriented group is for all students who want to gain a better understanding of themselves and the way they interact with people in their lives. The group is a safe space to explore feelings, give and receive important feedback, and practice healthy ways of relating to others. Typical topics that come up in a personal growth group include: anxiety, depression, family issues, relationship concerns, trust issues, self-esteem concerns, and other such topics. The diverse array of concerns that individuals come in with allows ample opportunity for everyone to learn from each other and discover common bonds through discussing emotional experiences.


Healing Through Creativity with Aaron & Melanie

Mondays 1:00-2:30 pm; Start Date: June 3rd


Healing Through Creativity is a personal growth and interpersonal process group for any people regardless of gender, artistic ability, or whether they are an artist or not. Everyone is creative in some way and everyone has blocks to their creative thinking. The group will have homework exercises including a daily morning pages journal as well as a weekly artist update.


DBT-U: Coping Strategies for University Students with Garyn & Alexandra

Wednesdays 3:00-4:30pm; Start date: June 5th


DBT-U is an open 8-week skills based group for university students to learn and develop coping skills & strategies to improve individual functioning. This group is specifically for clients who have difficulties in emotion regulation, interpersonal difficulties, and pattern of crises. Group members learn topics related to mindfulness skills, interpersonal effectiveness and communication strategies, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills in a structured & supportive learning environment. Each group consists of: a brief mindfulness exercise, check-in/introductions, introduction of new skills, discussion/experiential practice and an assignment of practice exercise & check-out.


For more information:

Call: 972-883-2575

Come by: SSB 4.600

Email: Garyn Gulbranson, Psy.D., Group Services Coordinator at [email protected]