What is group counseling?

Group counseling provides an opportunity to improve personal skills, develop increased confidence, overcome blocks to personal effectiveness, and acquire a keener awareness and appreciation of interactions with others. In a group setting, a small group of peers and co-facilitators meet weekly to provide feedback and support for self-improvement. Group members are encouraged to explore and express feelings, examine belief systems, reflect on and receive feedback about patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthy changes. In order for group counseling to be effective, active participation is encouraged. Participation involves regular attendance and respectful, honest communication. Groups may focus on a specific topic or may be general with an emphasis on personal growth. Typically group members will be working on a variety of issues. Groups meet weekly for one to two semesters.

Fall 2017 Mid-Semester Group Therapy Offerings

Understanding Self and Others (USO) Group with Jenna and Andrew

This group provides a warm and supportive environment for students who are interested in developing a greater understanding and acceptance of themselves and others, as well as identify and explore patterns in relationships. Here students are encouraged to experiment with new ways of relating, connect with others around the sharing of personal experiences, and be open to support and feedback in the moment..

Thursdays 3:00 – 4:15 pm; Start Date:  October 19th  


Healthier Relationships Group with Archandria and Erin

This process-oriented group is open to students interested in increasing their understanding of themselves and how they relate to others. The goal of this group is to improve interpersonal relationships through examining how one contributes to relationship dynamics along with attempting to connect with others by sharing your own personal experiences. If you are struggling to understand your role in difficulties within various types of relationships, had difficulty balancing your needs with those of others, frequently disagreed with others, or had conflict with others, you may benefit from this group. Along with relationship exploration, group will also address general concerns or struggles that group members may have.

Thursdays 4:00 – 5:30 pm; Start Date:  October 19th


Dear Self:  I love you; Self-Compassion Group with Erin and Jenna

The overarching objective of the group is to foster group members' self-compassion. The themes of self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness will be woven throughout the group to provide group members a common language and to increase engagement with self-compassion practices.

Fridays 11:00 – 12:00 pm; Start Date:  October 20th


Learning to Heal:  Trauma Group (for men and women) with Danica and Courtney

This six-week group will introduce clients to topics such as boundaries, power and control, healthy relationships, and self-compassion. From these topics, the group will explore their own patterns of responding to trauma, and begin to establish new ways of coping. The ideal client for this group is someone who has experienced something that they deem to be traumatic, and who is also currently in a stable and safe situation. This group is not suitable for individuals who are actively in an abusive or unsafe relationship, or who remain unstable following a traumatic incident.

**Any clients interested in this group, or who you would like to refer to this group will need to meet with Danica for a brief screening to determine fit.

Fridays 10:00 – 11:30 am; Start Date:  October 20th  


For more information:

Call: 972-883-2575

Come by: SSB 4.600

Email: Archandria Owens, Ph.D., Group Services Coordinator at [email protected]