Group Counseling (currently being offered virtually)

What is group counseling?

Group counseling provides an opportunity to improve personal, emotional and behavioral skills, develop increased confidence, overcome blocks to personal effectiveness, and acquire a keener awareness and appreciation of interactions with others. In a group setting, a group of peers and co-facilitators meet to provide feedback and support for self-improvement. Group members are encouraged to explore and express feelings, examine belief systems, reflect on and receive feedback about patterns of behavior, and work toward making healthy changes. In order for group counseling to be effective, active participation is encouraged. Participation involves regular attendance and respectful, honest communication. Groups may focus on a specific topic or may be general with an emphasis on personal growth. Please note, due to COVID-19 safety precautions all group offerings are only being offered virtually through Microsoft Teams for Summer 2020.

What kinds of groups do we typically have?

In order to accommodate the diverse needs, skills and interests of our clients, we hold a wide range of groups. Below you will find a list of open groups as well as those that have already closed. We keep the groups listed even when closed to provide a sense of what types of groups you can expect and plan for future semesters.

Process Groups

This type of group is focused on exploration and open processing of participants. Process groups are typically more open-ended and less theme based. *Clients are required to complete a group screening to assess whether they are appropriate for group* If you are not a current client, please contact [email protected] to get started and note your interest in group therapy

Personal Growth - All Genders

Group Facilitators: Kim & Markelse

Tuesdays 3-4:30pm

Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Group Flyer

This process-oriented group open to all gender identities who want to gain a better understanding of themselves and the way they interact with people in their lives. The group is a safe space to explore feelings, give and receive important feedback, and practice healthy ways of relating to others. Typical topics that come up in a personal growth group include: anxiety, depression, family issues, relationship concerns, trust issues, self-esteem concerns, and other such topics. The diverse array of concerns that individuals come in with allows ample opportunity for everyone to learn from each other and discover common bonds through discussing emotional experiences.

Support Groups

This type of group may be either process or skills-based and provides an opportunity for support from others who hold similar identities or life experiences. Participation is usually open and drop-in style, meaning that members do not have to be current clients of the center. *Open to all UTD Students, no group screening required*

* Please note: Support groups are not therapy groups.*

WISE (Womxn of Color Support Group)

Group Facilitators: Aisha & Destiney

Monthly Thursdays, May 28, June 11, July 16, and August 6 at 12-1:30pm

Location: Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Sign-up HERE

Group Flyer

Members will engage in an affirming, inviting, and authentic discussion around their experiences as womxn of color, on the UTD campus. We invite both undergraduates and graduate students to join in the discussion. Participants are welcome to discuss any and all topics that are relevant to their experiences (e.g. race relations, gender equality, media influences on self-esteem/body image, racism, sexism, career development, dating, relationships, and sexuality). Your privacy will be respected.

Asian Experiences in the Time of COVID-19 Support group

Group Facilitators: Melanie “JaeHee” & Prachi

Biweekly; Starting Wednesday, July 1st at 1-2:30pm

Location: Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Email [email protected] to join group

Group Flyer

The COVID-19 Pandemic has prompted a significant rise in anti-Asian and anti-immigrant racial violence and harassment against Asian and Asian-American-identified communities in the U.S. and globally. These unsettling events continue to intensify feelings of uncertainty, fear, anger and marginalization. It has also created a need to encourage a safe place to dialogue about where we, as Asian and Asian-Americans, fit within our communities and beyond. In response, the UTD Student Counseling Center would like to invite UTD students who identify as Asian, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, Asian adoptees/fosterees, and Asian multi-racial to our new support group addressing identity, racism, xenophobia, sinophobia, acculturation and more. Please join us starting Wednesday, June 24th from 1-2:30PM for a seven-part bi-weekly online drop-in series addressing AAPI-issues shaped by current events. You do not have to attend all series to be a part of this event. Due to privacy concerns, we will not be recording this event. Upcoming Topics: June 24th – COVID-19 Impact July 8th – Racial Identity: The Model Minority & Our Community

* Please note that drop-in groups are not therapy groups.

OuterSpace (LGBT+ Support Group)

Group Facilitators: Shelly & Alexander

Fridays 2-3pm

Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Email Alexander ([email protected]) to sign-up

Group Flyer

Seeking a place where you can be yourself and feel validated for who you are? The Galerstein Gender Center and Student Counseling Center are offering a weekly support group for LGBTQIA+ students, of all ages and identifications, who want to talk about validating and supporting others and themselves. Whether you are newly out or have experienced self-doubt or disconnection, this group provides a supportive environment to connect with yourself and others.

Drop-in Groups

In these challenging times, we recognize students might crave a space to be able to connect with other peers in meaningful, interactive, and fun ways, as well as be able to give and receive support for the unique challenges they are facing. These drop-in groups will remain open for new participants throughout the summer. Participants can choose to engage each session or just whenever works for them!

Email [email protected] to join any of the Drop-In groups

Ahead of the Game: Coping During COVID-19 Drop-in Group

Group Facilitators: Bilha & Aisha

Biweekly; Starting Tuesday, June 23rd at 3-4pm

Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Group Flyer

This virtual gaming group was developed for all UTD students who are having challenges with adjusting during the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges can be anything from adjusting to decreased social activity to concerns about the emotional and/or financial well-being of yourself and loved ones. Members will be able to share their concerns and gain support from other UTD students. The game portion of the session will serve as an opportunity to engage in socialization and self-care. * Please note: drop-in groups are not therapy groups.

Pet Show and Tell Drop-in Group

Group Facilitators: Alanna & Alexavery

Biweekly; Starting Wednesday, June 24th at 1-2pm

Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Group Flyer

A virtual space to showcase your quarantine & work-from-home sidekicks (i.e. dogs, cats, hamsters, oh my...) and to share out about how you've been coping while away from UTD. We also welcome pet-loving students who might be currently pet-free. * Please note that drop-in groups are not therapy groups.

Creative Coping Drop-in Group

Group Facilitators: Alexavery

Biweekly; Starting Monday, June 15th at 2-3pm

Location: Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams

Group Flyer

Need a creative outlet in this challenging time? Bring your paint, pencils, & crayons (or any other artsy items) and join the Student Counseling Center in our virtual drop-in group as we de-stress and support one another through these challenging times. * Please note that drop-in groups are not therapy groups.


For more information:

Email: [email protected]

Group Services Coordinator: Alexavery Hawkins, Ph.D. @ [email protected]