What are Workshops?

Come learn more about common mental health concerns and engage in some meaningful change. In each workshop, you will learn tangible coping skills and strategies to take home and try out. Come reduce your stress, learn to mindfully relax, develop self care strategies, and find ways to increase social connection.

Spring 2020 Schedule

Stress Less

Locations and Dates:
Jan 30 (3-4pm), SSA 14.245
Feb 18 (4-5pm), SSA 14.244
March 30 (12-1pm), SSA 14.245
April 21 (4-5pm), SSA 14.244

It’s no secret that college life is stressful. Whether it’s balancing class with work and internships, trying to navigate new relationships, or feeling unsure about the future, it’s easy for stress to creep into the picture. Come to our Stress Less Workshop and learn valuable strategies to feel more prepared when stress enters the scene. In this workshop you will 1) learn more about the origin and purpose of stress, 2) be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy stress, and 3) learn a variety of tips and tricks for managing stress in a healthy, realistic way.

Leaning In: A Workshop on Vulnerability

Feb 6, 12-1PM; SSA 14.245

Vulnerability is hard to practice but crucial to feeling connected to others. In this workshop you will learn:
-what vulnerability looks like
-how vulnerability helps us to be fully seen and understood
-ways to increase vulnerability in safe, practical ways

Let’s Talk About Love

Feb 11, 4-5pm; SSA 14.245

February is often called the month of love. Come to this workshop to learn:
-what a healthy relationship is and is not
-healthy forms of communication in relationships
-why boundary setting is important to a healthy, safe relationship
- how self-love and self-compassion relate to mental health

Sleep and Self Care

Mar 3, 4-5PM; SSA 14.244

College life is often fast-paced, chaotic, and overwhelming. Many times students struggle with finding time to sleep and take care of their needs. Other times, students desperately want to sleep but struggle with falling and/or staying asleep. In this 1 hour workshop, you will learn why sleep is essential for mental wellness and strategies for improving your sleep hygiene. You will also learn about self-care and gain practical strategies for incorporating it into your daily routine.

Tackling Loneliless and Social Isolation

Mar 11, 4-5PM; SSA 14.245 - POSTPONED, will be rescheduled as soon as possible

When we picture what being in college is like, we often visualize having many friends, a constantly packed social calendar and a companion for every meal. It’s also common to desire just one or two close relationships in college. No matter what kind of social expectations you have for your time at UTD, making meaningful connections in college can be a challenge. Over time, feelings of loneliness can become very discouraging and painful which can certainly impact mental health in negative ways. In fact, research has shown that social support can help reduce the effects of depression, anxiety and other health concerns. This 1 hour workshop will dive deeper into the topic of loneliness, discussing ways it can impact your mental health and strategies you can take to combat it.

Learning to Let Go: Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism

April 6th, 4-5 PM; SSA 14.245

Webster’s dictionary defines perfectionism as “a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable.” Perfectionism exists in many forms in our society, and often times it is even highly-glorified. Perfectionism often seems like a positive trait to have, but in reality it is unrealistic and can be extremely damaging to mental health. This workshop will:
1) help students to differentiate between healthy goal-setting and unhealthy perfectionism
2) discuss the negative impact that perfectionism has on mental health
3.) demonstrate how perfectionism can actually pull you further away from your goals
4) provide strategies for reducing perfectionistic behaviors.

Preparing for Summer Break

Apr 15, 2-3PM; SSA 12.471

Approaching summer break can be exciting, but it can also cause distress. It’s normal to have mixed feelings about wrapping up the school year. This 1 hour workshop will provide information and strategies to help you cope with a variety of experiences and emotions over the summer break.