COMING SOON — The Mind-Body Lab is a new addition to the UTD Student Counseling Center. Students will have access to a variety of self-guided activities aimed at reducing stress and improving overall health and well-being. The Mind-Body Lab will allow students to connect to their bodies as a way to improve everyday functioning.

Mind-Body Lab Offerings

  • Reclining massage chair
  • Wild Divine relaxation software
  • emWave Pro biofeedback software
  • RESPeRATE relaxation training
  • Yoga mats and meditation cushions
  • DVDs and audio recordings of guided meditation and relaxation exercises

What Is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a process that allows individuals to gain immediate knowledge about their body's specific responses to stress, while simultaneously providing training and instruction in regulating the body's responses.

Individuals are connected to a computer using non-invasive sensors, and software records and displays physiological data on the computer screen. Typically, biofeedback monitors many of the bodily reactions that are activated during the stress response, such as skin temperature, sweat production, muscle tension, heart rate/blood flow, and respiration.

During a biofeedback session, individuals are able to see in real-time how their body stores/reacts to stress, and learn ways to recognize and regulate those responses both in and outside of the biofeedback session. It allows individuals to gain a deeper and more personal understanding of their body's response to stress, and they can learn skills to more effectively manage stress in the moment.