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Student Services Building 4.600
Phone (24 Hour): 972-883-2575

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Monday 8:00 am - 6 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00am - 7:30pm
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UT Dallas Counseling Center
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How to Make a Referral for Psychological Counseling

Faculty and staff should take into account the following additional factors when considering making a referral:

  • When a student asks for assistance with a problem that is outside of your range of knowledge.
  • When helping the student with a problem would compromise or change the status of your relationship with the student (e.g. a student asking for money, a place to live, contacting you at home if in a crisis).
  • If the student feels uncomfortable talking to you about a problem.
  • When the assistance and support you have already provided does not seem to be addressing the problem effectively.
  • If you and the student have personality differences or conflicts that cannot be resolved and would interfere with the help you might provide.
  • You find yourself feeling overwhelmed, overly responsible for, and worried about the personal safety of the student.

If a student approaches you with a problem, take the time to listen in a non-judgmental and respectful manner. If you wish to approach the student with your concerns, do so directly and state your concerns clearly. The following recommendations may make providing a referral easier:

  • Do not attempt to make a referral when the student is so upset and confused that he/she cannot understand or listen to you. Wait until the student has calmed down enough to be able to converse and respond to your suggestion.
  • Suggest in a caring, supportive manner that the student may benefit from meeting with a counselor at the Counseling Center. You may want to explain that counseling is free to currently registered full or part time students.
  • Give the student the Counseling Center phone number (972-883-2575) and encourage them to call from your office or from their home, if they are more comfortable and it is not an immediate crisis situation.
  • If you feel that the student is in crisis, you can call the Counseling Center or have the student call from your office. Tell the Counseling Center secretary that this is an "emergency" and she will connect you with a counselor immediately. If appropriate the student will be scheduled for a crisis appointment that day.
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