Geology Library Associated With University Here

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The University of Texas at Dallas announced at the weekend it had accepted from the Geological Information Library of Dallas gift of the latter's collection of geological and petroleum industry data.

The announcement stated GILD will continue to maintain the library at its present location in 1416 Commerce Building with materials available to students, faculties and GILD members.

GILD President G. Frederick Shepherd, who spearheaded the library's foundation, described the new relationship between GILD and the university as one which "will open new doors" for rendering service to this region and the petroleum industry.

GILD was established in late 1969 by the Dallas Geological Society and since then has assembled 500,000 electrical well logs, 9,000 plotted sample logs, a like number of driller's logs, three million well completion cards, 250 microfilm reels, 25,000 Midland Basin core graph analyses and 500 maps plus several thousand bound volumes and current journals and bulletins.