Center for Teaching and Learning

History of the Center

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of Texas-Dallas (UTD) was officially launched on 12 January 2016 and reports to the Provost’s Office. The directorship is a full-time administrative position, but the present holder of that position also has a tenured faculty appointment and an endowed research professorship.

Accordingly, he is expected to carry out research, instructional, and service activities in support of CTL, his academic program, UTD, and the scholarly community writ large. He is assisted by a half-time Associate Director, who presently teaches half-time for one of UTD’s schools. Finally, there is a full-time Administrative Assistant II, who provides all clerical support for CTL. Funding for all salaries comes from the CTL budget.

Supplementing the core personnel are “teaching leaders,” one from each of UTD’s eight schools. These are selected by the individual school deans and the leaders are responsible for liaison with the Center and for organizing a minimum number of events or programs each semester within their school, assisted by the Center.

The purpose is to expand the number of events and programs on campus and to direct such programming toward issues, concerns, and audiences specific to different schools and their instructional needs. An administrative supplement to each leader is provided by CTL.