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Public and Nonprofit Management Teaching Information

American Society for Public Administration, Section on Public Administration Education

2016 Teaching Public Administration Conference (


Teaching Resources Guide for Public Affairs and Administration, 3rd edition, Marc Holzer, Peter Hoontis, and Alex Ingrams (Editors). (


Journal of Public Affairs Education ( is dedicated to advancing teaching and learning in public affairs, policy analysis, public administration, public management, public policy, and nonprofit administration. Aimed at improving teaching methods and course content as well as program design, management, and assessment.

Teaching Public Administration ( is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on teaching and learning in public sector management and organisations. It offers an international forum for the debate of a wide range of issues relating to how skills and knowledge are transmitted and acquired within public sector/not for profit organisations.



The Journal of Economic Education ( offers original articles on teaching economics. In its pages, leading scholars evaluate innovations in teaching techniques, materials, and programs. Instructors of introductory through graduate level economics will find the journal an indispensable resource for content and pedagogy in a variety of media. The Journal of Economic Education is published quarterly in cooperation with the National Council on Economic Education and the Advisory Committee on Economic Education of the American Economic Association.



The Heart of Teaching Economics by Simon W. Bowmaker

Conversations with Economists by David Colander




Teaching Sociology ( published quarterly, provides articles, notes, and reviews intended to be helpful to the discipline’s teachers. Articles range from experimental studies of teaching and learning to broad, synthetic essays on pedagogically important issues. The general intent is to share theoretically stimulating and practically useful information and advice with teachers.

Olsen, Lauren D. (2016). It’s on the MCAT for a Reason: Premedical Students and the Perceived Utility of Sociology. Teaching Sociology, 44(2): 72–83


Atkinson, Maxine and Kathleen Lowney. (2016). In the Trenches: Teaching and Learning Sociology


TRAILS (Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology) TRAILS is an online, modular (by topic and type of teaching tool) and searchable database that reflects a major innovation in the creation and dissemination of peer-reviewed teaching resources. (