To effectively manage extracurricular programs and activities provided by Student Affairs at UT Dallas, guidelines have been established. Additional policies and procedures regarding use of University facilities are provided in The Guide for Registered Student Organizations.

  1. Students and non-student participants are expected to observe the University's Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Events with the following identifiers include the potential for risk to the University:
    • Alcohol — Any event involving alcohol consumption. Alcohol will not be approved for events sponsored by Student Affairs.
    • Risk of Injury — Examples of activities that could include risk of injury to participants include intramural sports, capture the flag, night games, lock-ins, broom hockey, paintball.
    • Size or Use of Facility — Use of a facility not designed for a particular activity or to accommodate crowds.
    • History — If the event or group sponsoring the event has historically, on or off campus, been linked to property damage, violence, injury or overcrowding.
    • Hours — Event is scheduled to extend past midnight.
    • Advertising — Event that requires the use of a broad advertising strategy: flyers, radio broadcasts and newspaper advertising covering the Metroplex area.
    • Open to Public — Events designed and promoted for general public participation and that are open to the public without restriction or those which could reasonably be expected to attract more than 200 persons.
  3. Events identified as high risk must be reviewed and approved by either the director of the Student Union or director of athletics depending upon location. If the event is approved, the appropriate director and facility manager will schedule a pre-event orientation with responsible parties to review safety issues and to ensure compliance with all requirements. The director will prepare a memorandum specifying the conditions under which the event was approved. Copies of this memorandum will be sent to the sponsoring organization, the RUO, the facility manager, the University Police, Physical Plant and the Dean of Students.
  4. The Environmental Health and Safety Director and Chief of Police or designee must be consulted as appropriate in the planning of a high risk event.
  5. A Responsible University Official (RUO) and the Facility Manager must be present at all high risk events and stay on site until the event is over.
  6. A police officer must be present at all events open to the public. To determine the need for a police presence at other events, careful consideration should be given to variables such as potential for injury, property damage, violence, overcrowding, etc. The sponsoring unit is responsible for payment for security.
  7. For events that could include risk of injury to participants, each participant, or the participant's parent/guardian in the case of a minor, must complete and sign the Release and Indemnification Agreement and the Medical Information Release Form. The RUO is responsible for maintaining these records in a manner that insures timely access to the medical information for each participant in the case of an accident or health-related incident:
  8. Incidents at events must be reported to the Dean of Students immediately. The dean or designee will convene a meeting of responsible parties within 24 hours of the incident for discussion and review of policies and procedures. A report will be written to document noncompliance and will provide recommendations on how to correct for future problems of a similar nature.
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