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Broadband Communications Laboratory

The University of Texas at Dallas

The Broadband Communications Laboratory is a part of the University of Texas at Dallas with a mission of developing a world class telecommunication technology infrastructure within the Dallas Fortworth metroplex area. We intend to enhance the collaborative research and developmental activities with industries and government laboratories.

The broadband Communications Laboratory focuses on wireless and fiber transmission, processing and storage of information and related technologies. Other areas of technology are added as appropriate.

Our goals are:

  • to increase the interaction with industries and government laboratories
  • to increase the resources available for research and development in this region
  • to provide expertise and support to small and innovative industries
  • to train students in the technological areas relevant to industries and to place them in appropriate industries
  • to participate in continuing education for training industrial workforce
  • Membership

    Membership in Broadband Communications Laboratory is available in three levels of participation.

  • Corporate Sponsor
  • Corporate Affiliate
  • Individual
  • Coporate partnership is open to organizations wishing to partipate in strategic academic research. Corparate partners provide funding for the institute and have direct input to the research directions of the laboratory.

    Affiliates receive access to relevant research and participate in funding of the Laboratory.

    Individual membership are open to consultants, small businesses and individuals employed by companies who are currently not associated with the laboratory.

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