Dr. Ted Price,
Director of UT Dallas' Center for Advanced Pain Studies
Professor of Neuroscience and Program Head, Neuroscience B.S. Eugene McDermott Professor

UT Dallas Advisors Networking Reception

Please join your fellow charitable estate planning professionals for a networking reception and hear from UT Dallas professor Dr. Ted Price, a neuroscientist and researcher making waves in the study of chronic pain.


Dr. Ted Price’s research focuses on how the nervous system’s ability to adapt alters how it receives pain-related information and how this nervous system plasticity drives chronic pain.

His studies have discovered several novel targets that regulate the excitability of pain-sensing sensory neurons after injury causing pain to become chronic.

Price also has pursued commercialization of non-opioid pain treatments contributing to growth in the biotech sector in Dallas, with the goal of benefitting patients in need of better pain treatment.

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