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Naming Opportunities in the Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology Building

The Edith O’Donnell ATEC building is near the center of campus, facing the newly renovated mall.

The Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology (ATEC) building, a 155,000-square-foot facility completed in August 2013, advances the union of the creative arts and humanities with the fields of engineering and computer science.

The following ATEC naming opportunities are available to donors who want to show their support for this innovative UT Dallas program. The minimum gift amounts shown below may be pledged over a number of years. Donors may choose to permanently endow their gift for long-term support of the ATEC program, or they may allow their gift to be fully expended.

All gifts received through these naming opportunities will be used to support the ATEC program. This may include the purchase of equipment and software, funding for visiting scholars and underwriting support for special exhibitions, performances or speakers.

Click on any of the naming opportunities below to see images of these spaces.

Student Lounges – $10,000
Three lounges provide spaces for students to collaborate outside the classroom. Each lounge is approximately 400 square feet.

Green Room – $10,000
Located backstage in the Lecture Hall, the Green Room serves as the private preparation space for the world-class leaders in art, science and technology who will speak at special lectures and events at UT Dallas in the years to come.

Exhibition Areas – $25,000
Multiple exhibition areas were designed in public parts of the building to showcase works by ATEC students and faculty, as well as special visiting exhibitions.

Terrace Study Lounges – $25,000
Two study areas, both overlooking the expansive atrium from a second-floor perch, provide a unique setting to study between classes or find creative inspiration.

Conference Rooms – $25,000 to $100,000
Two conference rooms are available to students as well as faculty, staff and guests to the ATEC building for private meetings. These rooms are approximately 400 to 850 square feet and are located throughout the building.

Game Library – $50,000
This space serves as a repository of historically-significant icons in the gaming industry, as well as other fields impacted by the evolution of video communication and technology. The Game Library is 300 square feet and located on the third floor.

Render Farm – $50,000
This unique 300-square-foot facility consists of 25 dedicated render nodes, with the capability to expand large jobs out to an additional 200 individual lab computers. All of this render capacity will allow ATEC to create state-of-the-art computer-generated imagery for animation, visualizations and complex research ventures.

Research Labs – $75,000
Five research labs, each approximately 500 square feet, provide ATEC faculty and students with the setting needed to push forward the boundaries of knowledge in this evolving field.

Design Studios – $100,000
These five studios are a vital link in the development of both the art and technology that goes into virtual reality, gaming, simulation and other aspects of video and audio production. Each studio is approximately 1,500 square feet.

Loge Reception Spaces – $100,000
Two expansive loge areas located adjacent to the Lecture Hall on the first and second floors provide bright and airy space for private events and public receptions. Each space is more than 800 square feet.

Visual Arts Studios – $100,000
The unprecedented growth of the ATEC program has also been mirrored by similar growth in the Visual Arts program. New studio space is dedicated to 3D printmaking, photography, sculpture and painting, and drawing. Each of these four disciplines has been allocated approximately 1,500 square feet, providing four naming opportunities at this level.

Atrium Steps – $150,000
Designed as a meeting place for students between classes, the Atrium Steps provide a functional space. A screen opposite the steps will show special features including work by students and faculty.

Courtyard – $250,000
Located just outside the Lecture Hall, this open-air courtyard is an inspiring and signature space. It will be home to receptions before and after major events in the Lecture Hall, as well as a place for quiet conversation or reflection between classes for students and faculty. This venue will also include an array of interesting sculptures and other works of art.

Additional naming opportunities exist, including the 1,200-seat Lecture Hall. All gift commitments eligible for naming opportunities require a formal gift agreement and are subject to naming policies observed by UT Dallas.

For questions regarding any of these naming opportunities, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 972-883-6504.

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