The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is for any individual who makes a planned gift commitment to the University.

Why leave a legacy?

Planned gifts provide donors with the satisfaction of knowing their support will make a difference even after they are gone. These gifts also give UT Dallas the opportunity to plan for future growth, knowing these philanthropic commitments will be realized in the years to come. Learn more


Jimmy M. Alcorn BA’80 *
Brooke Stollenwerck Aldridge *
Anonymous (11)
Robert P. Armstrong *
James Phillip Atkinson *
Charles T. Banister *
Jack D. Birchfield MA’07 PhD’11
Randy BS’06 and Genny Black BS’07
Justin BS’00 and Stacey Boland BS’00
Jean * and Bill * Booziotis
Pamela Foster Brady EMBA’11
Susan P. Bratton PhD’97
David D. Bruton Jr. *
Lena Callier *
James L. Carter
Anthony and Beatriz Champagne
Madeline Christensen
Aaron and Stefanie Conley
Sam BS’85 and Debby Courtney
David E. and Susan Daniel
Gregory and Margie Dess
Leland B. Dillaha MS’97 *
Charles P. Doubek BS’77
Gano Scurry Ehlers
Susan G. Fleming PhD’87
Katherine L. Freiberger
Trudy Gentry MS’79
Pagett Daves Gosslee MAT’79
Cecil * and Ida * Green
David Pomberg and Jerri Hammer MS’97
John T. Harper BS’07
Elizabeth E. Hodge
Robert F. Hoffmann *
Kurt Holmes BS’84 *
Buck O. Horn *
Edith Howson *
William C. Jackson Jr. *
Nancy BS’10 MS’12 and Roger Jacobsen
Karen Miles Jarrell PhD’07
Franklyn G. Jenifer
Betty Johnson *
Joyce R. Johnson BS’83
Maurine G. Johnson *
Susan Kessel MS’02
Lisabeth Anne Lassiter BS’93 MS’99
Murray J. and Mike Leaf
Stan Liebowitz
John and Susan BA’93 MPA’94 Macaulay
Lynne Manilla MS’83
John and Peggy Marlowe
Michael R. May BA’03
Jennie P. McCament BS’86
Tom and Lynn McIntire BA’79
Kit BA’88 and Patti McKee BS’93 MBA’01
Mike and Susan McClellen
E. Michelle Miller MS’05
Bert Moore *
Skip and Virginia Moore
Roger Morehouse BA’08
Melisa Mrazik BS’93
Robert and Jody Nelsen MBA’97
Scotta Goodwin Obenchain *
Chris and Ronald Overberg BS’79 MS’84 PhD’85
C. Kaye Patton
Rex A. Payne BA’79
Robert J. Potter PhD
Katherine Wells Power BS’81
Ron and Rebecca Poynter BS’86
Tim Redman
Phil and Stephanie Ritter
Lois Robbins *
Sharon and Ross Roeser
Larry D. Sall
John W. and Mary Jo Santrock
Monica Macy Scott BS’87 MBA’97
Joe Semmer *
Forrest F. Smith
Margaret K. Spears *
Kathryn E. Stecke
Sjoerd Steunebrink *
Marvin J. Stone
Brian Paul Sullivan *
Bob and Barbara Sypult
Semra Treece
Corey Troxell
Nicole J. Tucker BA’04
Toosje Thyssen Van Beveren BS’96
John and Nancy Van Ness
Herbert D. Weitzman
Mary Sue Wilhelm *
Jefflyn W. Williamson BS’83
Karen M. Wolfe
Melissa Hole Wyder BS’82
Erica C. Yaeger MBA’02
Jane B. Yates BA’78

As of 5/21/2019