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Naming Opportunities at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center


Located in the heart of campus, the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center serves as a touchpoint for alumni, fostering connections between current alumni and alumni to come. Described by its namesake donors as a “gateway to the future,” the nearly 30,000-square-foot facility has been described by its architect as a building within a park. Approximately 33,000 square feet of outdoor spaces envelop the center, which is the first campus facility that is solely designated to accommodate rentals for meetings, weddings, conferences and other events.

The alumni center features a 450-seat ballroom, a conference center with meeting rooms that seat up to 45 people, a lounge area, office space for alumni relations staff and outdoor space modified to support special event logistics and set up.

The following naming opportunities for the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center are available to donors who want to show their support. The minimum gift amounts shown below may be pledged over a number of years. Donors may choose to permanently endow their gifts for long-term support of alumni relations programming, or they may allow their gifts to be fully expended.

All gifts received through these naming opportunities will be used to support the Davidson-Gundy Alumni Center. This may include the purchase of equipment and software, funding for visiting scholars and underwriting support for special exhibitions, performances or speakers.

If you would like more information about these naming opportunities, please contact Melinda Mendoza at 972-883-2445 or [email protected].

Executive Seating Area – Reserved

The 300-square-foot reception seating area directly outside of the executive boardroom is a shared gathering space with the Alumni Relations office suite on the second floor. The space will be used by campus staff and alumni for introductions and private conversations before and after meetings.

Seating Areas – Reserved

Two seating areas outside of the meeting rooms offer space for students and alumni to meet one-on-one in a tranquil atmosphere. These comfortable gathering spots provide overflow space for events and receptions.

The Private Garden – Reserved

Suitable for informal meetings — or to support ballroom events and meeting spaces — the private garden is a small outdoor enclave just north of the large conference room. The tranquil setting will provide an intimate, contemplative atmosphere where visitors and students can relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

The Lounge – Reserved

Located within Inspiration Hall, the 700-square-foot lounge area will feature a limestone fireplace to welcome alumni home to campus and provide opportunities for relaxed conversation. The lounge will be an intimate living space with warm wood accents throughout.

Conference Rooms

900-square-foot meeting/conference room – $75,000

With configurable seating for up to 60 people, this well-appointed space on the first-floor includes state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication capabilities, and be accented by natural lighting from the adjacent private garden.

North 500-square-foot first floor meeting space – Reserved

This spaces provides accommodations for groups of 20 to 30 individuals and is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication access.

South 500-square-foot first floor meeting space – Reserved

This spaces provides accommodations for groups of 20 to 30 individuals and is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication access.

The Patio – $100,000

The patio is located at the south entrance to the alumni center and will offer visitors, and those utilizing the small conference rooms, a casual outdoor seating area that overlooks the Naveen Jindal School of Management and The Green.

Executive Boardroom – Reserved

Situated on the second floor adjacent to the office suites, the 1,000-square-foot executive boardroom accommodates 22 to 30 people at the board table. With wood and limestone finishes, the boardroom also features state-of-the-art audiovisual and communication capabilities including surface connectivity for sharing digital content and features for interactive presentations.

Alumni Relations Office Suite – $250,000

The nearly 2,500-square-foot suite will be the new home of the Alumni Relations staff and the hub of alumni activities for volunteers and staff. The space features four executive offices, an open workstation area, dedicated space for volunteers and students, and shared break room space.

The Porch – $250,000

The porch is a casual outdoor seating area connecting the wide expanse of the open-lawn green with the main thoroughfare of the center, Inspiration Hall. Visitors to both interior and exterior events will find ample gathering spots to leisurely enjoy activities or pause for quiet moments of study or conversation.

The Grove – $250,000

Live oak trees located along the south, east and northern edges of the center will frame the facility and create inviting landscape spaces. Easily accessible pedestrian walkways lead to gathering spaces featuring special paving materials, seating, art and enhanced landscape plantings.

The Green – Ask for Details

Designed to serve as the central exterior event space for the alumni center, the green will be a large open lawn that hosts private events, student activities, musical programs and other special programming. The space will be adaptable to accommodate outdoor tents, and suitable for permanent or temporary artwork and sculpture exhibitions.

Inspiration Hall – Reserved

The primary gateway and main thoroughfare of the center, Inspiration Hall connects outdoor areas, gardens and surrounding terraces with major events spaces and meeting rooms. The hall will contain high-end finishes and feature presentation walls for donor recognition and other University highlights. Its adaptability to host impromptu functions featuring music, art and special exhibitions will make it a desirable center of campus activity.

Ballroom – Reserved

The largest of the center’s event spaces, the ballroom is a large multifunctional venue designed to accommodate 450 to 500 people for banquets, lectures, meetings and other special events. The area is adaptable and can be subdivided into three smaller rooms and includes a catering support kitchen, pantry, audiovisual equipment and storage for banquet tables and chairs.

The naming of these spaces is subject to approval by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.

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