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UT Dallas’ First Campus Building, Founders

On Oct. 29, 1964, campus and community leaders joined together to dedicate the Founders Building at what was then the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest. Fifty years later, we honor the vision and the legacy of those supporters who made this building come to life.


Foreword: This book is gratefully dedicated to the donors and volunteer leaders listed in this volume who contributed to the success of the Dallas Founding Fund, which made possible this magnificent building, dedicated to furthering scientific knowledge and advancing graduate education in the southwest.

The Founders

The University’s founders, Eugene McDermott, J. Erik Jonsson and Cecil Green

Generous Donors

A & P Food Stores
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Abbott
Adleta Show Case and Fixture Co.
Fred J. Agnich
Arthur E. Ake
Curtis Aikin
All Metals Fabricating & Engineering Company
Allen, Clements, & Kraus
Allhands and Briley
James L. Allhands
Allied Battery Company
Allied Finance Company
H.F. Allison Company
American Cast Iron Pipe Company
American Paper Stock Co.
Tom Amis
Robert F. Amundsen
Arapaho Village
Albert C. Armstrong
E. Taylor Armstrong
R. Paul Armstrong
Marshall Anderson
James W. Aston
Atlantic Pipe Line Company
Atlas Metal Works
William B. Attebery
Thomas J. Attridge
Austin Bridge Co.
C.W. Austin, Jr.
Austin Paving, Co.
T.L. Austin, Jr.
B & B Vending Company
Thomas S. Bacon
C. Latimer Baker
Arnold Barnes Company
Harry W. Bass, Sr.
J.W. Bateson
J.W. Bateson Company, Inc.
Henry C. Beck Company
Eugene T. Beckley
Clay P. Bedford
Mrs. M.J. Beebe
Gary Behrhorst
Bell Aerospace Corporation
Brig. Gen. Frank. F. Bell (Retired)
Dr. And Mrs. L.V. Berkner
David M. Bernardin
James D. Berry
F.L. Bertrand
Better Money Grip Co.
Leonard A. Bickel
Big D Outdoor, Inc
Ralph Binder
Kenneth R. Bingamon
John R. Black Estate
Dr. and Mrs. D. Shelton Blair
J. Alex Blakeley
William D. Blaydes
Sam Bloom Advertising Company
Bob’s Texas Chick
Bolanz & W.C. (Dub) Miller, Realtors
Roland S. Bond, Sr.
Carl Bonds
Edward L. Bonin
Donald E. Bowles
Lloyd S. Bowles
Malcom K. Brachman
Charles F. Bradford
Grady Bradley
Braniff Airways Inc.
Frank Brinegar
British- American Oil Producing Co.
Leonard B. Brown
Milton Brown
The Buffalo Foundation
Burden Bros., Inc
Colonel Fred Burley
Colonel D. Harold Byrd
Mrs. Alex Camp
Campbell- Taggart Associated Bakerfies, Inc.
Bill Campbell
Bill Campbell, Jr.
J.W. Campbell, Jr.
John K. Campbell
Sanders H. Campbell
Can-Tex Industries, Inc.
Ben H. Carpenter
Paul Carrington
Frank C. Carter, Jr.
William L. Carter, Jr.
E.O. Cartwright
W.W. Caruth, Jr. Fund of the Dallas Community Chest Trust
Cliff Cassidy
Centennial Construction Company
Joseph E. Chastain
Alton W. Cherry
C.R. Chick
Dr. and Mrs. Jay S. Chivian
Citizens State Bank
Clampitt Paper Company
Max Clampitt
Clark, West, Keller, & Clark
William Clark, III
James H. Clark
James C. Cline
Mae R. Cline
Carr P. Collins
Otto Coerver Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Coffelt
Dan M. Cole
Dr. and Mrs. Forrest D. Colegrove
Collins Radio Company
Commerical Recording Corp.
Communications Industries
Fred Conger
Conger Studios
W.R. Conklin
E. Constantin, Jr.
Continental Battery Manufacturing Co.
Continental- EMSCO Company
Aubrey M. Costa
W.H. Cothrum & Co.
Dan R. Cowan
Roy Cowan
J.H. Cowdrey
Durwood Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Crawford
Joe Crawley
Creslenn Oil Company
Jerome K. Crossman
Willard Crotty
Bob K. Crouch
Crow- Hunt Building
Trammel F. Crow
M.P. Crum Co.
Harry Crutcher, Jr.
Cullum Construction Co., Inc.
Cullum & Boren
A. Earl Cullum, Jr., and Associates
Charles G. Cullum
Robert B. Cullum
James M. Cumby
John H. Cumby
Charles L. Cummings
Kathryn Currin Real Estate
George Dahl
John T. Dale
Dallas Air Conditioning Co. Inc.
Dallas Airmotive, Inc.
Dallas Beer Distributors
Aylett Fitshugh
Bill Barrett
Edwin S. Curtis
Gaston Hallam
John S. Dufford
R.E. Lee
Ted Clark
John V. McMillan
M.A. Genaro
Jack O. Lusher
S.H. Lynch
Dallas Clearing House Association
First National Bank in Dallas
The National Bank of Commerce of Dallas
Mercantile National Bank at Dallas
Republic National Bank of Dallas
Texas Bank & Trust Company of Dallas
Grand Avenue Bank & Trust Company
The Hillcrest State Bank
Oak Cliff Bank & Trust Company
Bank of Services & Trusts
Lakewood Bank and Trust Company
Empire State Bank of Dallas
Merchants State Bank
Greenville Avenue State Bank
Fair Park National Bank of Dallas
Preston State Bank
American Bank and Trust Company
Grove State Bank
Wynnewood State Bank
Industrial Bank & Trust Company
Exchange Bank & Trust Company
East Dallas Bank & Trust Company
Park Cities Bank and Trust Company
First Citizens Bank
Northwest National Bank of Dallas
Bank of Dallas
Casa Linda National Bank of Dallas
Trinity National Bank of Dallas
Hillside National Bank of Dallas
White Rock National Bank of Dallas
Community National Bank of Oak Cliff
Hampton State Bank of Dallas
Commonwealth National Bank of Dallas
Citizens National Bank of Dallas
Inwood National Bank of Dallas
Dallas Federal Savings & Loan Association
Dallas Foundation
Dallas Foundry, Inc.
Dallas Life Officers Association
Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company
Great American Reserve Insurance Company
Great National Life Insurance Company
Republic National Life Insurance Company
Rio Grande National Life Insurance Company
Dallas Market Center
The Dallas Mid-Winter Dental Clinic
Dallas Morning News and Radio Television WFAA
Dallas Power & Light Company
The Dallas Times Herald
Dal-Mac Construction Company
E.L.Dalton & Company
Darr Equipment Company
Joe C. Darrow
Dasco, Inc.
John E. Davis
Delta Drilling Company
Delta Steel Buildings Company
Denton County National Bank
Andrew W. DeShong, Jr.
Herman F. Dieterich
Richard L. Dietz
L.J. DiPaolo, Jr.
Distributor Sales, Inc.
Diversa, Inc.
Dixie Wax Paper Company
Alan Dixon
Dohrn & Danielsen
Dolch Concrete Pipe Company
Donovan- Galvani of Dallas, Inc.
J.M. Douglas
Robert John Downs, Jr.
Dr. Pepper Company
Drake, Alexander, & Drake
Arthur H. Drebing
Dresser Industries, Inc
Dreyfuss & Son
Drilling and Exploration Co, Inc
Duke & Ayres, Incorporated
Dumas, Huguenin & Boothman
John B. Dunlap
L.S. Dupree
Mrs. Halford Earle
James L. Embrey
Empire Drilling Company
Employers Casualty Company
Emtex Division Missile System Corporation
Erben Realty Company
Orville M. Ericksen
Arthur A. Everts Co., Jewlers
Exeter Drilling Co.
F.G. Fabian, Jr.
Farm & Home Savings Association
William D. Felder, Jr.
Bert Fields
Leland Fikes
Thomas W. Finney
First Bank & Trust of Richardson
First Continental Enterprises, Inc.
First Federal Savings & Loan Association
First National Bank of Fort Worth
First Southwest Company
Fishburn Cleaning & Laundry Co
T.P. Flahive
Monroe Floyd
Ray A. Foley
A. Lorch Folz
D.W. Forbes
Ford Motor Company
Forrest & Cotton Inc
T. Carr Forrest
Earl A. Forsythe
Vance Foster
Jeff Fraley
J.D. Francis
Frito-Lay Foundation
Richard G. Fuller
Gerald F. Gaa
Jabez Galt
Gardner- Denver Co.
Otis B. Gary
E.G. (Bud) Gatlin
General American Oil Co. of Texas
The Geotechnical Corporation
E.B. Germany & Sons
John Gibson
Gifford- Hill American, Inc
Gillford- Hill and Company, Inc
Gillford- Hill Pipe Company
P.W. Gifford
Randall Gilbert
Grayson Gill, Inc
Burton Gilliland
Glazer’s Wholesale Drug Co.,Inc
Mr. and Mrs. B.D. Godbold
Golden Eagle
Hawkins Golden
R.A. Goodson
J. Richard Gowan
Percy Goyne
Graham Brown Shoe Company
John Grant
John M. Gray
Alan G. Green
Cecil and Ida Green
Leonard M. Green
W.A. Greens
Carl Gregory
Lewis P. Grinnan, Jr.
Haggar Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Haggerty
Mayer H. Halff
Neal Hall
Wayne A. Hall
Gaston Hallam
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hand
Jess M. Harben
Bob Hardy Company
Rodney Hargrave
Harkey Brick & Supply Company
Harper & Remp- Architects
Joseph A. Harper
Bonnie Harris, Real Estate
Felix Harris & Company
S.T. Harris
H. Boyd Harrison
Haughton Bros.
William R. Hawn
Thomas J. Hayman Co., Inc
Earl Hayes Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Head
H.M. Hearne
Frank H. Heller
Pat Henry, Jr.
Ray Henry
Sylvia M. Henry
William B. Heroy
William B. Heroy, Jr.
W.E. Herr
Hesse Envelope Company
Higginbotham-Pearlstone Hardware Co.
Hill-Elliot, Inc.
Carl M. Hill
J.E. Hill
W.N. Hill
Hillcrest Foundation
Hillside Corporation
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Karl Hoblitzelle
Holiday Cleaning & Laundry,Inc.
Van Allen Hollomon
Stuart Holloway
J. Frank Holt & Company
Horn- Williams Motor Co.
John J. Horn, Jr.
Raleigh Hortenstine
Mr. and Mrs. B.F.Houston
Hudson & Hudson
James S. Hudson
Huffhines, Murphy, & Gatlin
Haskell H. Hunt
Hunter-Hayes Elevator Co.
James D. & Mary Jo Hunter
Jerry Hyde
I & L Development Company
Industrial Office Supply
Industrial Properties Corporation
Inge & Lindsley Company
Charles. A Inge
Charles Inge & Company
International Business Machines Corporation
Iowa Valve Company
Irby- Mayes Man’s Shop
Tom Jackson & Son, Monty J. Jackson
Jacobs & Knox Insurance Co.
Leslie L. Jacobs
Henry S. & Dorothy M. Jacobus Foundation
Jaggars- Chiles- Stovall, Inc.
Joseph F. Jakubik, Jr.
Lewellyn A. Jennings
Claiborne H. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Francis S. Johnson
G.K. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Price Johnson
Wiley Johnson
Jonston Printing Company
Darrel W. Johnston
Nelle Johnston
Jones- Blair Paint Co., Inc.
Lawrence B. Jones
L.O. Jones
O.K. Jones Real Estate
Morton E. Jones Family
Erik and Margaret Jonsson
Ben B. Judd
Bed B. Judd, Jr.
Miss Nancy Jane Judd
Kahn Family Fund, Inc.
E.M. Kahn
David Kaplan
Mrs. Kilborn Karcher
Harry E. Keen, Jr.
Edward N. Kerr
John Kettle
Frank H. Kidd, Jr.
Louie C. Kimple
Carey G. King, Jr.
Patton S. King
Oran H. Kite
A.J. Kutner Jr.
LTV Continental Electronics Division
Lambert Associated Companies
W.B. Landress
Jim J. Laney
Harry J. Langley
Lawler’s Cafeteria & Catering Co.
Joe L. Lawless
Jack G. Lawrence
Walter W. Lechner
James W. Lee, Jr.
Melin E. Lee
Lee- Embert Construction Company
John S. Leever
Mae LeGrand
Mae LeGrand Realtors
James C Leonard
Sam Lett
Lighting Car Wash, Inc.
J.W. Lindsey & Company
Porter Lindsley, Jr.
Ling, Oliver, O’Dwyer Electric, Inc.
Ling-Temco- Vought, Inc.
James J. Lling
Lingo Lumber Company, Inc.
William H. Lingo , Jr.
Lintz Department Stores, Inc.
Linz Brothers, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Lipscomb
Lipton Staple Company, Inc.
Robert L. & Claudia Little
C.L. Lloyd
Eugene M. Locke
Lofland Company
H.A. Lofman
Lone Star Cadillac Company
Lone Star Cycle Co.
Lone Star Gas Company
Albert Long
Lester P. Lorch
Lorch Manufacturing Company
Kenneth & Kathleen Love
Leon Loveless
William P. Luse
Lybrand, Ross Bros. & Montgomery
Lewis F. Lyne
McCall, Packhurst, Crowe, McCall & Horton
Ralph W. McCann
McCarty -Herndon Real Estate
Jack McCarty
Mrs. Vera McCarty
Bob McClure
Lynn L. McCormick
Dr. And Mrs. K.G. McCracken
Eugene and Margaret McDermott
Joe McElroy
Eugene McIlroy
Robert E. McKee, General Contractor, Inc.
Robert H. McLemore
Frank McLoughlin
Macatee, Inc
I.E. Madsen
G.L. MacGreggor
Lewis MacNaughton
Magner & Company
Ed Maher, Inc.
Ed. R Maher
J. Neal Mancill
The Mr. And Mrs. Stanley Marcus Foundation
Marcy- Lee Manufacturing Company
Marilyn Beat Manufacturing Company
Dr. and Mrs. Lauriston C. Marshall
Martin Wholesale Electronics
Robert T. Martin
Stanley E. Martin
Thomas B. Martin
Charles R. Mathes
Curtis Mathes
Curtis Mathes, Jr.
Walter F. Matzen
Frederick M. Mayer
Frederick R. Mayer
Avery Mays
Avery Mays Construction Company
Maytag Southwestern Company
Meadows Foundation, Inc.
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Foundation, Inc.
Charles A. Meyer
Edward D. Miller, Jr.
Henry S. Miller Company
Royal C. Miller
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Co.
Ben H. Mitchell
John E. Mitchell Company
Mixon Realty Company
Mohr Chevrolet Company
P. O’B Montgomery, Jr.
W. Ray Montgomery
W.S. Montgomery
Moore Personnel Service
Robert L. Moore
William R. Moore, Insurance
J.E. Morgan & Sons
Mortician’s Supply Company
Morton Foods
Granville C. Morton
Mosher Steel Company
H.E. Moss
Mueller Company
Gene Mundy
Murchison Fund
Murray Investment Company
Jack Mynett
Nardis Sportswear
John W. Neil
Neiman- Marcus Company
Nueuhoff Brothers Packers
New York Life Insurance Company
George A. Nicoud, Jr.
Otto Norman
William C. Norman
North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.
Oak Cliff Baking Company and Golman Baking Company
Oak Cliff Savings and Loan Association
T.H. Obenchain
Floyd S. Oldt
Olmsted-Kirk Company
Herbert C. Otis
Herbert C. Otis, Jr.
W.W. Overton, Jr.
W.W. Overton & Company
Owens Country Sausage, Inc.
Jerry Owens
Leo Patterson
J.J. Pearce
Fred N. Peek
Roland L. Pelt & Company
John Astin Perkins, Inc.
William Clair Perkins
Russell H. Perry
C.B. Peterson, Jr.
R.H. Phillips
Phinney & Hallman
Larry Phipps
Charles C. Pierce, Jr.
John P. Pierce
J.R. Pitmann
Pollock Paper Company
Sam E. Pondrom
J.W. Porter
Troy Post
Chester Powell
Robert Present
Dewey Presley
Dick Price, Inc.
Richard J. Price
Margaret A. Proctor
Ray J. Pulley
Maurice E. Purnell
Purvin & Gertz, Inc.
Meyer Rachofsky
James H. Rankin
DeWitt Ray
DeWitt T. Ray, Jr.
Harlan Ray
Mrs. John C. Reazin
Red Ball Motor Freight, Inc.
William A. Rembert, Jr.
Republic Insurance Company
Restland Funeral Homes, Inc
Restland Memorial Park
W.E. Rhodes
Gerdes W. Rice
Richardson Heights, Inc.
Richardson Heights Village
Richardson Lions Club
Richardson Rotary Club
Richardson Savings and Loan Association
Richardson Volunteer Fire Department
Richardson Woman’s Club
C.A. Richardson
Frank Richardson
J. Michael Riley
The Riverside Press, Inc.
Ring & Brewer
Cloyd M .Roberts
Elgin B. Robertson
Elgin B. Robertson, Inc.
Roberton Insulating Company
Heath M. Robinson
Donald L. Rogers
Leon Rogers
Ralph B. Rogers
R.R. Rogers
Gus Roos
Trent C. Root, Jr.
E.W. Rose, II
Rowley United Theatres, Inc
John H. Rowley
T.W. Rutledge
C.A. Sammons
Sanger- Harris
Schepps Dairy, Inc
Julius Schepps
S.M. Schermerhorn
Donald F. Schloss
Adolph G. Scholssstein, Jr.
Ed Schutze
John R. Scott
Sears, Roebuck, & Co.
Charles E. Seay
William H. Seay
Paul R. Seegers
Charles W. Settle
Manning B. Shannon
J.B. Shead
Shelton & Bowles Insurance Agency
Sheraton- Dallas Hotel
Simmons Cotton Oil Mills
Ben Sira & Company
J. Fred Skelton
Denys R. Slater
Vernett B. Slater
Eugene B. Smith, Jr.
Harwood K. Smith
Harwood K. Smith & Partners
General Robert J. Smith
Ray Smith Associated Companies
Paul B. Smithey
H.C. Snidow
Saxon S. Snow
Socony Mobil Oil Company, Inc.
Marion B. Solomon
P.C. Sorenson Company
The Southland Corporation
Southland Life Insurance Company
Southwest Airmotive Company
Southwest Wheel, Inc.
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Southwestern Drug Corporation
Southwestern Engraving Co. of Dallas
Southwestern Laboratories
Southwestern Life Insurance Company
Robert S. Sparkman
Sparkman’s, Inc.
Moriss G. Spencer
Sports Distributors
Marvin R. Springer
Don Stalnaker
Standard Manufacturing, Co. Inc.
Lee D Starr
Statler Hilton Hotel Corp.
John M. Stemmons
Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Stephenson
W. Dawson Sterling
Stern’s Fashions
R.H. Stewart, III
Stimson Contracting Company
Charles P. Storey
R.C. Storey
W.B. Strange, Jr.
H.W. Strasburger
Stratoflex, Inc.
Robert S. Strauss
Harry & Robert Strief Enterprises
Strickland Transportation Co., Inc.
Charles F. Stringler, M.D.
Paula Stringer, Realtors
Jack Stultz
Sun Oil Company
Nancy & Bruce Swenson
T & H, Inc.
C.A. Tatum, Jr.
Richard L. Taylor
Taylor Pontiac, Rambler, Inc.
Taylor Publishing Company
A. Starke Taylor
P.K. Taylor
William Nelson Taylor
Joe Teague
Tears Engineers, Inc.
Telsco Industries
Texas Aluminum, Inc.
Texas Automatic Sprinklers, Inc.
Texas Bank & Trust Co. of Dallas
Teaxs Bithulithic Co., Inc.
Texas Distributors, Inc.
Texas Electric Service Company
Texas Industries, Inc.
Texas Instruments Foundation
Texas Instruments Incorporated
Texas-Oklahoma Express
Texas Power & Light Co.
W. Paul Thayer
The Jay Thomas Family
Cleon Thomasson
Thompson, Knight, Wrightm & Simmons
Cullum Thompson
R.L. Thornton
Robert L. Thornton, Jr.
John Tingle
Dr. And Mrs. Brian A. Tinsley
Tingle Construction Company
Ben F. Tisinger
Titche- Goettinger Company
Jack Titus
Louis Tobian & Company
Donald J. Tobin
Tom Thumb Stores, Inc.
Herbert E. Tomlinson
Town North Bowling Center
Tracy- Locke Company, Inc.
Transport Management Co.
Trav-A- Car Corporation
Trezevant & Cochran
Trinity Universal Insurance Company
Mr. And Mrs. James S. Triolo
The Tucker Foundation
R.G. Tucker
Turner, Rodger, Winn, Scurlock & Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Turpin
George M. Underwood, Jr.
United States Steel Foundation
Universal Life & Accident Insurance Co.
U.S. Pipe and Foundry Co.
United Fidelity Life Insurance Co.
Uvalde Construction Company
Charles H. Vandament
L.J. Van Sickle Company
Jack C. Vaughan
Grady H. Vaughn
Jack C. Vaughn
Vent-a-Hood Company
Verson Manufacturing Company
Robert G. Vial
Eugene Vilfordi
Volk Bros. Company
Alden E. Wagner
Walker, Austin, & Waggener Investments
John R. Walker
Willard E. Walker
C. Wallace Plumbing Co.,Inc.
V.R. Waller
Charles E. Watson
Carl C. Weichsel
Weiland Merritt Funeral Home, Inc.
James O. Weldon
Wesco Materials Corporation
Floys West & Company
J. Duval West Mortgage Co.
Mrs. L. M. Whaley
Jerry D. Wheat
E.F. White, Sr.
H.K. Whittington
William H. Wildes
Dan C. Williams
Earle Williams
J.L. Williams & Company, Inc.
Sallie Williams
Edward L. and Mary Jane H. Wilson Foundation
Jas. K. Wilson
Perry Wilson
Watson W. Wise
Frank Wolfe
James Ralph Wood
John E. and Jayne J. Woodward
Ben H. Wooten
Joe R. Wright
K.C. Wright
Wyatt Food Stores Division of the Kroger Company
The W.J. Wyatt Foundation
Arthur Young & Co.
George Young
Miss Ruth Young
Marvin Youngblood
Zale Foundation
Morris Zale
John M. Zuber