There are two major reasons for students to be culturally competent and to embrace and celebrate diversity. The first is the demographic revolution occurring in the United States, in which persons of color will make up an increasing percentage of this nation's population. They will represent the workforce that will be driving our economy as business owners, customers and professionals. The second reason is the increasing trend toward a global economy.

Our office is devoted to supporting the development of the next generation of professionals and corporate, government and university leaders. To be successful in the 21st century, the new college graduate must be able to:

  • Have business and market knowledge

  • Find solutions to multidisciplinary problems

  • Work effectively in virtual teams

  • Have multicultural knowledge and social awareness competence

  • Have excellent communication skills, including multiple languages

We believe that diversity is the engine for innovation and that it enables higher levels of excellence. Our office's success depends on the engagement and support from our faculty, staff, students and the higher levels of administration. Faculty and staff diversity is critical for our students' education. Diversifying the faculty and staff is therefore one of our office's major goals.

We are proud to be a Tier One University and to serve our students, faculty, staff and the community around us, thanks in no small part to our passionate leaders of diversity.