Lauren DeCillis

Lauren M. DeCillis has a professional background in both corporate and higher education with more than 20 years of experience in program development, marketing and promotion. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in discrimination and equity representation, gender and sexuality, psycho-social adaptation, clinical assessment and counseling, project management and strategic planning, community outreach and corporate relations.

The Director of the Galerstein Gender Center at UT Dallas, DeCillis has been responsible for the vision, development and administration of the Center since its inception in September 1996.

DeCillis graduated with a bachelor's in education from Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ in 1984, and a master's degree in social work from Fordham University, Manhattan, NY in 1996.

During her professional career, she has provided leadership in initiating programs related to mental health, wellness and environmental adjustment; HR outplacement training; social justice and equality issues; and personal and professional development.

During DeCillis' tenure at UT Dallas, she has developed programs and initiatives to promote gender equity and influence institutional policy for students, staff and faculty. As the vision of the Center shifts to reflect current trends, cultural needs and gender climate, she develops strategic planning initiatives in alignment with UT Dallas' diversity goals through climate assessment, benchmark research, metrics development and advisory board development. She also sustains the longevity of the Center through cultivating donor relationships, fundraising and grant management. She promotes leadership development, counsels and advises individuals and student organizations, and serves on numerous University and community boards and committees with a passion for improving the lives of women.

Special projects that began under her leadership include mentoring programs for both junior faculty and female STEM students, Safe Zone and GLBT training, WiseUp curriculum for Financial Education, Date Rape/Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment policies and training, Gender Studies Lecture Series, Industry Partnership Connections for Mentoring, and championing a child care initiative for UT Dallas.