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At the University of Texas at Dallas, there are several dimensions of diversity. The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement (ODCE) will continue to utilize data, research, and best practices to improve ODCE's strategic goals and outcomes and to provide resources that address the diverse needs of the University community. Please take some time to explore the ODCE website. We invite you to recommend someone to feature. We encourage you to provide feedback and suggestions about our website and our programs and services. Additionally, your contribution as a volunteer, donor and/or conduit to resources help us manifest the goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive campus.

Members from the student, staff, faculty, and community population work all year with the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement to identify and implement methods to strengthen the University’s diversity and inclusion agenda. These collaborations and partnerships have culminated into several need-based scholarships, internships and workshops. Students, in turn, are paying it forward by serving as University ambassadors, volunteers and mentors.

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Committee for the Support of Diversity and Equity
Student Diversity Advisory Council
Diversity Advisory Council
Employment Resource Groups

Shaunqula “Shaun” Wilson, PhD
Research Associate
The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement and School of Interdisciplinary Studies
The University of Texas at Dallas
[email protected]