Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts

Broader Impacts refers to the potential for research to advance knowledge and benefit society. The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement (ODCE) welcomes opportunities that support the needs of the campus community and the broader community. Using five overarching strategic goals as a guide, ODCE's various programs, services, and initiatives result in eight main ODCE outcomes that we connect to broader impacts.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Develop and communicate a collective and inclusive understanding of diversity and its benefits across campus
  2. Create a welcoming campus climate to foster a culture that promotes and celebrates diversity at UT Dallas and to attract and retain a diversity of talented people at all levels
  3. Recruit, retain and graduate a diverse student body
  4. Develop diversity education and training
  5. Build partnerships to address the educational needs and diversity challenges of the community

Outcomes (Broader Impacts):

  1. Students and the broader community learn about diversity-related issues through ODCE sponsored meetings, workshops, lectures and conferences (e.g., Women's Empowerment & Connection Series, Veteran's Lecture).
  2. Students and the broader community participate in and learn from diversity-focused classroom presentations, modules and dialogues (e.g., Diversity Dialogues, Diversity Education Module).
  3. With corporate and community contributions, many students pursue their academic education and participate in professional development and leadership opportunities (e.g., Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, Diversity Scholars Program).
  4. Students and the broader community participate in a variety of celebrations while learning about individuals and organizations who positively impact the campus (e.g., Diversity Awards Ceremony and Soiree, Cultural Celebration Events).
  5. Individuals participate in ODCE sponsored workshop, trainings and events that address LGBT advocacy (e.g., Safe Zone Ally Training, National Coming Out Day).
  6. Individuals participate in ODCE-sponsored health/wellness related initiatives that support work/life balance (e.g., lactation rooms, CommuniTEAs)
  7. Students work as University ambassadors to increase URM enrollment (e.g., G-Force Mentoring Program, Diversity Outreach Team, Urban STEM Camp).
  8. The Public will be informed about ODCE's mission, accomplishments and opportunities through its print and electronic media (e.g., website, newsletters).

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Additional Sources:

National Science Foundation (NSF) statement regarding broader impacts