Exploring Strategies to Improve College to Career Transitioning for Students with Special Needs

Overall Goal

To influence attitudes, create new opportunities for dialogue and identify issues that may prevent the successful transition into the corporate community for college students with disabilities


The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement strives to accomplish the fulfillment of the University’s commitment to embrace, enhance and celebrate diversity at all levels of the University and our community through the efforts of faculty, staff, students, the executive leadership and corporate community partnerships. The Office of Diversity and Community Engagement, in partnership with the Office of Student AccessAbility, The Office of Institutional Equity & Compliance, and our corporate partner Raytheon, will address the training needs and diversity challenges of college students with disabilities transitioning to the workforce.

University faculty, staff, students, caregivers and corporate community members are invited to attend the Disability Employment Awareness Seminar. At this seminar, discussions, information and resources will reflect a number of promising approaches that are available to support students’ preparation for the workplace demands of the new global economy. To maximize the effectiveness of these approaches, special attention will focus on increasing rigor, relevance and engagement as it relates to students who have traditionally faced barriers to successful workforce transitions. The University’s goal is to broaden awareness of disability employment in order for affected students, corporate entities and educational entities alike to create a strong partnership between faculty, staff, students and the corporate community in the North Dallas area.