Transitions: From Military Service to Student Veteran

Lisa McNeme

Lisa McNeme

Ms. Lisa McNeme is the Assistant Director for the Veteran Services Center (VSC) at UT Dallas. The VSC was opened in September 2012 to serve as a resource center for veterans, reservists, eligible dependents and active duty military students. Their goal is to provide the resources and support veterans need to be successful at UT Dallas. Lisa served on active duty as a C-21 and B-52 pilot in the United States Air Force and is currently the Admissions Liaison Officer Director for Northeast Texas in the United States Air Force Reserves. She has a Master of Education in Higher Education from Dallas Baptist University, and a Master of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.


Institutions of higher education are facing increased enrollments of military service members and veterans, largely due to generous benefits including the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill. The transition from the military to the academic environment and civilian sector can be a challenge. The American Council on Education compared student veterans/service members to non-veteran/civilian students and found they are older, more racially/ethnically diverse, and likely the first generation to attend college. Student veterans may have additional family and financial responsibilities and encounter adjustments for psychological or physical issues. Institutions should understand what is important to student veterans in order to facilitate their transition and provide them with the tools for success. This lecture will summarize the transition process from military to civilian, characteristics of student veterans, and creating a veteran-friendly institutional climate.

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