Managing Cultural Differences for Effective Cross Cultural Communication

Dr. Habte Woldu

Dr. Habte Woldu

Dr. Habte Woldu, clinical professor of international business management at UT Dallas, presents "Managing Cultural Differences for Effective Cross Cultural Communication."

Woldu received his undergraduate degree in social science in Ethiopia, and earned his doctorate degree in economics from the Poznan University of Economics in Poland.

Woldu created a course on multiculturalism in the classroom soon after he arrived in Dallas in 1993. As director of international management programs and the director of international students exchange programs and foreign study trips, Woldu has developed a program with the Naveen Jindal School of Management that takes students abroad. While there, they can understand local culture, people and business practices, apply language and communication skills, and understand international business.

His research focuses on areas of human resources management and assessment of cultural values in various societies, with emphasis on emerging economies, cross-cultural studies and analysis of cultural dynamism. Woldu believes that his life experiences have informed his understanding of the importance of diversity for social development and change, but also for staying competitive in the global economy.