Student Diversity Advisory Council

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Jasmine Johnson, Program Coordinator
ATTN: Student Diversity Advisory Council
Email: [email protected]
Mail: 800 West Campbell Rd; AD 26
Office: AD 3.207



  • FEBRUARY 2nd | 12-1 pm

    General Body Council Meeting. Location: GR 3.420

  • MARCH 9th | 12-1 pm

    General Body Council Meeting. Location: GR 3.420

  • APRIL 13th | 12-1 pm

    General Body Council Meeting. Location: GR 3.420

Last Year

  • SEPTEMBER 1st | 1-2 pm

    General Body Council Meetings. Location: ATC 1.201

  • OCTOBER 6th | 1-2 pm

    General Body Council Meetings. Location: ATC 1.201

  • NOVEMBER 3rd | 1-2 pm

    General Body Council Meetings. Location: ATC 1.201

The Department of Institutional Diversity Initiatives serves as a liaison to support the activities of the Student Advisory Council such as identifying meeting spaces, providing refreshments, facilitating communication between members and implementing the programs recommended by the student leaders.

The Purpose

The purpose of the advisory council is to provide the students' perspective, input and advice to the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement. The council will address the elements of student diversity, concerns, activities and programs to increase awareness and understanding of each other, and to move beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

  • To provide student perspectives on key school issues
  • To highlight major institutional diversity achievements and concerns at UT Dallas
  • To support new diversity programs, initiatives, and projects
  • To improve public perception of diversity at UT Dallas
  • To create effective communication with the multiple campus organizations at UT Dallas


Ayesha Ahmad (President)

Ayesha Ahmad

Ayesha Ahmad is a biochemistry major and psychology minor in the UTD graduating class of 2019. Her main pastimes are research and organizational work. Besides the SDAC, she is involved in service and awareness based organizations such as UNICEF and She's the First at UTD. She loves participating in on campus events. Ahmad is a Dallas-area local who has enjoyed the experiences UTD has to offer and is looking forward to the future of the University through working with the SDAC and being an engaged member of the community. Besides school work, she enjoys reading, bingeing TV shows, spending time with her family and doing mehndi (henna) in her free time.

Stefanie Polderman (Vice-President)

Stefanie Polderman

Stefanie Polderman is a biochemistry major at UT Dallas in the graduating class of 2018. She is part of the softball team, a PLTL leader, Community Service Chair on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and Vice President of Public Health Initiative. As an international student from Canada, she has loved her experience at UT Dallas. After joining the SDAC her sophomore year and seeing its progress thus far, Stefanie is very excited to assist in broadening its involvement with various clubs on campus.

Yvonne Thong (Historian)

Stefanie Polderman

My name is Yvonne Thong and I am a junior double majoring in Psychology and Child Development. I am passionate about diversity because I am a first generation American-born citizen, and growing up as a minority has driven my interest in experiencing and embracing other cultures. My favorite hobby is traveling; I have been to ten countries total, having lived life in each of them for at least a week, and even studied abroad! I am the Volunteer Coordinator of a pre-med organization on campus called American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and I volunteer regularly with an organization called Aceing Autism, which teaches tennis and teamwork skills to children with autism. Other pastimes include hiking and other outdoor activities, cooking, and playing the piano and cello.

Active Student Organizations

The group embraces the principle that diversity is essential to reaching higher levels of excellence in the multicultural, multi-ethnic and diverse character of the United States in the 21st century. For more information, those who are interested should contact Jasmine Johnson at [email protected].