Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office offer scholarships?

The UT Dallas Office of Diversity and Community Engagement offers several scholarships for freshman, transfer and graduate students, including the Diversity Scholarship Program for new students and the Diversity Retention Scholarship for current students. The applications for scholarships offered by the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement can be found here. The UT Dallas Financial Aid Office also has a list of University scholarships available to students online.

How can I establish a partnership with UT Dallas or learn more about how to support the Community Engagement Department's efforts?

Our office is always interested in establishing new partnerships that support our goals of increasing the diversity of our faculty, staff and students. Please contact the Director of Community Engagement at (972) 883-4562 or e-mail [email protected].

What is the Multicultural Center?

The Multicultural Center, also known as the MC, provides cultural programs, support services, resources and cultural education programs. The MC is a place for all students, faculty and staff to gather and relax. The MC has a comfortable lounge area with a television, videos, a computer lab, a work station and a meeting room. Traditional events hosted by the MC are Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations, Black History Month Celebrations, Asian-American Heritage Celebrations, the MLK Jr. Breakfast, as well as the Diversity Dinner Dialogues, Multicultural Living and Learning Community, and the Comet STARS Mentoring Program. The MC is home to the Multicultural Peer Advocates (MPAs).

What is an MPA?

The MPAs are student peer advocates who are available for personal, social or academic assistance.

What is the Comet S.T.A.R.S. Mentoring Program?

The Comet S.T.A.R.S. Program is a peer mentor program specifically for first-time, first-year students at UT Dallas. First-year or freshmen students are matched with an upperclassman in the same school of study. This program focuses on academic and personal development through mentorship, various workshops and community service projects.

For more information on the Comet S.T.A.R.S. Program, please contact Netreia McNulty, Multicultural Center coordinator, at 972-883-6390 or [email protected].

What is the Faculty Mentoring Program?

We are pleased with our campus-wide faculty mentoring program. Our goal is to assist junior faculty in developing their research, teaching and professional skills.

Visit the Faculty Mentoring page for more information.

How does UT Dallas support LGBT students?

SAFE ZONE was conceived by the Galerstein Gender Center, Student Counseling Center, and Multicultural Center, as the need to build helpful resources for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans gender and questioning) students, staff and faculty was identified. It was also developed to be consistent with UT Dallas' nondiscrimination policy.


Establish a University-wide network of visible allies who are willing to provide a supportive and inclusive environment and who can help shape a campus culture that is accepting of all people, despite their sexual orientation or gender identity

Assist in promoting and understanding that discrimination is hurtful to everyone, and act as a role model in embracing diversity on our campus

Provide LGBTQ and Allies an opportunity to express concerns related to discrimination and harassment without fear of judgment

Provide campus-wide proactive, educational training to foster awareness, support, resources and information related to SAFE ZONE ideals and the LGBTQ community

Please contact Narcely Ruiz, Outreach Coordinator for the Gender Center at 972-883-6556 for information on the next scheduled Ally Training or click on the Safe Zone logo.

Is someone from UT Dallas available to come and speak at my event or organization's meeting?

Please contact the Department of Community Engagement to request a speaker from the University. You may contact us by calling 972-883-4546 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Our office will work with your group to determine if a speaker from UT Dallas is available to attend.

What is the Galerstein Gender Center?

The first thing one should know about the GGC is that it is not just for women. All services and programs, including professional counseling, the video and book lending library, the nursing facility and comfortable places to study or relax are offered to any and all students, staff and faculty.

Some programs and events include the LGBTQ Education, Engagement and Programming (LEEP) Initiative, which sponsors campus events and opportunities for dialogue to raise awareness and education on LGBTQ issues. LEEP also leads the SafeZone Ally Training program, which provides a venue for the LGBTQ community, allies and participants to express concerns, ask questions and learn about issues affecting the campus and surrounding community, such as bullying and discrimination.

The Gender Studies Lecture Series offers talks on various topics related to gender equality, social justice and psycho-social issues. National speakers such as Gloria Steinem and Major General Mary L. Saunders, USAF, and visiting professors from across the country are invited to campus to inspire enlightening discussions and share their knowledge and research with campus and community members.

The SAWS Initiative, the Support and Advancement of Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), is an important outreach activity of the GWC. Programs such as MentorNet are designed to support this initiative by providing an online mentoring network, matching our science and engineering students with industry professionals across the nation and globally. The GWC continually assesses and evaluates programming and events each year to make sure they are still effective, aligning with campus needs and continuing to build our rich history of outreach and support for a diverse campus.