Programs Abroad

When you participate in education abroad, your world view is expanded and you become a more well-rounded citizen in this global society. UT Dallas Education Abroad offers many international opportunities for students. Visit the Comets Abroad portal for available opportunities.

All students traveling to international locations on behalf of the university are required to complete travel documents per university travel guidelines. Visit the Application Process page for details, dates and eligibility requirements.


Exchange Programs allow students to study abroad at one of our partner institutions, while a student from this same institution comes to study at UT Dallas. This exchange allows you to pay tuition at UT Dallas, and to the host university you pay for fees, books, room and board. UT Dallas has exchange agreements with some of the best schools in the world. See each partner institution’s brochure on the Comets Abroad portal.

All students must be nominated to participate in an Exchange Program. See the Exchange Mobility Process for eligibility and registration details. The nomination process is competitive; plan to apply more than 6 months before the start of your exchange semester. Review the Important Dates for semester deadlines.

If you are a student of one of our partner institutions and you are interested in coming to UT Dallas, visit the Incoming Exchange Students page.

Customized Programs

Students may choose a UT Dallas course that includes an international learning component, or explore customized internships with the Career Center. Visit the program list in the Comets Abroad portal for available opportunities.

The sponsoring department will determine eligibility and approval to the program. Contact the program leader to discuss academic requirements, program conditions, deadline(s), cost of the program, and any other academic aspect of the program. Descriptions of programs will be updated according to the availability of information.

Affiliated Programs and Third-party providers

Students have different desires and objectives to meet their academic goals, so it is up to each individual to find the program that meets these needs. Students may consider field of study, location, among other aspects, to select a study abroad program through a program provider.

  • Affiliated Partner Programs have been vetted through UT Dallas. Some affiliated partner programs are listed on the Comets Abroad portal, and more will continue to be added.
  • Third-party provider programs can be found using variety of online directories to find the study abroad option that fits individual criteria.

When applying for Affiliated Partner or Third-party programs, both an Education Abroad application and program application will be required.

Internships – Independent Studies – Academic Research

If travel abroad involves any of the following UT Dallas related experiences, the international travel requirements must be complete through the Comets Abroad portal, along with departmental approval for all internships/independent studies/research hours.

  • Internships/Cooperative Education: Work assignments related directly to students fields of study. For further information about internships, please visit the UTD Career Center‘s web page and/or contact a Career Consultant of the Career Center.
  • Independent Study: Academic work chosen or designed by the student with the approval of a UT Dallas department, under a professor’s supervision. This work is usually undertaken outside of the regular classroom structure.
  • Academic Research: Academic work that does not earn credits, but is funded with scholarships or other UT Dallas funding.
    • Dissertation hours or research hours designed by the student and his/her academic supervisor for honor’s thesis, doctoral dissertations, or other research projects.
    • Service Learning abroad that integrates service with instruction.