Customized Program Proposal

1. Submission of Proposal
2. After Academic Approval
3. Four Weeks Before Departure
4. During the trip
5. After the trip

NEW in 2017 - Proposal Renewal

Submit the Customized Program Renewal Form to the Education Abroad office 9-12 months prior to semester abroad.

  • Eligible for programs 2nd and 3rd year after original proposal was approved.
  • Program must have identical components: Course Number/syllabus, Instructor, Length, Location (country) and Proposed Cost*.
    *If proposed cost is greater than $500 from the original proposal, submit an updated budget sheet.
  • Obtain Dean's signature on the Renewal Form before submission to [email protected].
  • Replaces Part 1 and Part 2 of the Proposal process for eligible programs.

1. Submission of Proposal

Academic Review
Submit Faculty Led Program Proposal to the Education Abroad office 9-12 months prior to semester.

1. Submit the Program Proposals form Part 1 to [email protected]
2. Syllabus (SACS format) that contains:

  • Title of course, course registration number(s), level(s) of course
  • Course Assignments and Objectives (varied for levels)
  • Course dates on-campus and abroad
  • Proposed cost to student
    • NOTE: If you are proposing a new course, it must have all the proper course approvals before being submitted for a customized program.

3. Complete Special Session Course Request Form

  • Send with Program Proposal before getting Provost Signature
  • Education Abroad will get remaining signatures

4. Dean’s letter (request template from [email protected])

2. After Academic Approval

Travel Details

Program Proposal Part 2 – Travel details and logistics

Submit the Program Proposals form Part 2 to [email protected]

  • This can/should be submitted after Provost/Designee signature is acquired on Proposal form Part 1.
  • Travel details and logistics should include actual information.
  • This is the final step for Education Abroad to approve your proposal.
  • After receipt, Education Abroad will send notification of approval to procurement.

Marketing Details
Submit trip fact sheet to Education Abroad for marketing

3. Four Weeks Before Departure

Submit required paperwork to Education Abroad office

4. During the trip

Notify Education Abroad of your arrival at the destination, and update foreign contact and/or program information, if changes occur.

5. After the trip

Encourage students to evaluate the program. Evaluation methods:

  • Education Abroad reflection, information will be emailed to the student 
  • Course Evaluation

Contact the Education Abroad office with questions: [email protected] or 972-883-4715.