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Photonics is the science and engineering of the transmission of information using light. Photonics includes the generation, transmission, amplification, transformation, and detection of light in information and communication systems. The spectacular growth of the Internet and of the telecommunications industry within a few miles of UT-Dallas create an opportunity for UT-Dallas to be one of the primary engines of economic growth in North Texas. Industry needs that UT-Dallas can address are, first, a critical shortage of trained professionals in the area of photonics, and, second, a need for innovative new photonic technologies in rapidly evolving areas such as photonic sources and enabling technologies for wavelength-division multiplexing.

The purpose of PhoTEC is to increase the number of UT-Dallas graduates at the Master's and Doctor's levels who have leading-edge skills in photonics, and to increase the amount of sponsored research in the area of photonics at UT-Dallas.

PhoTEC is a co-sponsor of the MTBC Optics/Photonics luncheon series.

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