About Us


The mission of EH&S [Environmental Health and Safety] is to educate and adopt effective safety, health and environmental practices, continuously improving the organizational safety culture to ensure the welfare of students, faculty, staff and visitors. EH&S [Environmental Health and Safety] provides supportive technical consultation, training, investigation, and inspection to ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by federal, state and local laws and regulations.



We will honor the highest level of business ethics.


We are creative problem solvers; we share ideas; as a community, we are united in meeting the needs of our customers so the end result is a lasting positive impression.


We are using our skills and resources wisely.


Customer service at UT Dallas is a continual process of improving our services. It is team work; it is utilizing technology and resources as it evolves.


We are positive, confident, friendly and caring. We have ownership in the success of UT Dallas.


The EH&S [Environmental Health and Safety] vision revolves around our desire to create a safe environment at UT Dallas, a university that has undergone a phase of rapid growth in the past five years. This expansion has highlighted our flexibility in accommodating new University initiatives. Each new initiative presents EH&S [Environmental Health and Safety] with an opportunity to ensure that our office is providing maximal value to the UT Dallas community.