As we enter the final quarter of fiscal year 2015, we want to stay on track for completing this year with continued strong accomplishments and to refocus our efforts as we head toward fiscal year 2016.

In almost all areas, we show continuous improvement in performance and results from the previous year. Going forward, the key areas we want to concentrate on as our informal centers of excellence include the following:

Our Environmental Program area is doing a great job of meeting regulatory compliance requirements, identifying cost avoidance processes and implementing new training methods.

Fire & Life Safety has been working diligently with the Facilities Management department on planning new and existing construction projects, while also making sure that all the campus locations get service and fire prevention maintenance on a regular basis.

While continuously working to raise awareness of our campaign —Emergency Response Procedure: Know What to Do in Case of an Emergency— Emergency Management has made great strides in raising the bar of awareness on campus through print and web media, presentations, fairs, mass notification system and drills.

Business Services’ intensive efforts to correctly classify University space by type, function, square footage and instructional purpose was rewarded by a Coordinating Board (CB [Coordinating Board] ) peer review team. The review confirmed that our reporting was compliant with the CB [Coordinating Board] rules and regulations. The Records Retention schedule is currently being reviewed and updated to be submitted to the Texas State Library for recertification.

Business Continuity, a silent partner of ours that is not often thought about until needed on the backside of a crisis, is reorganizing our efforts to meet and exceed our business resumption needs with updated programs, policies and procedures.

Our immediate goals include: