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SAFE Leaders - Floor Monitors


Campus Safe Leaders from UT Dallas.

SAFE Leaders Program

The University of Texas at Dallas has adopted the SAFE Leader Program. This program has been developed to facilitate the safe evacuation of campus buildings by encouraging and increasing awareness. It is staffed by trained campus employees who work in buildings throughout the campus. SAFE Leaders and Floor Monitors serve as a resource to provide safety and security information to other staff and students, especially during emergency situations. During an incident, SAFE Leaders & Floor Monitors will be readily identifiable.

SAFE Leader & Floor Monitor Selection Process

This is a voluntary program and requires the participation by university employees in their respective buildings. Each building will have one SAFE Leader and at least one Floor Monitor for each floor within that specific building. At least one alternative is also recommended in the absence of an individual.

Duties of SAFE Leaders

When an evacuation is necessary, the SAFE Leaders will aid in the safe and complete evacuation of the building and reporting injured and/or trapped persons to emergency responders. Once the decision to evacuate is made, SAFE Leaders will immediately respond to the designated Evacuation Assembly Area to report the status of their assigned area of responsibility to the Incident Commander/Emergency Responders. They will also be able to convey information about the incident to other building occupants. A Roles and Responsibility Checklist will be provided to each SAFE leader to ensure all duties are met.

Duties of Floor Monitors

When an evacuation is necessary, Floor Monitors are responsible for warning building occupants to evacuate the building on their way out; not endangering themselves. Floor Monitors will proceed to the designated Evacuation Assembly Area outside their building to report the status of their floor to the SAFE Leader and/or first responders.

Building Sheltering and Evacuation Plans

Every high-occupancy building is required to have a Building Sheltering and Evacuation Plan (BSEP) in place for employees and students to review upon request. The Office of Emergency Management and the various departments across campus annually review these plans for each building. The BESP Plan addresses evacuation procedures, sheltering procedures and all other unique aspects of the building to aid in the safe and efficient evacuation and sheltering of building occupants in the event of an emergency. The SAFE Leader program is incorporated into these plans to further assist in these measures.

If you are interested in becoming a SAFE Leader or Floor Monitor, call 972.883.2831 for more information. Upcoming training sessions will be posted on the Training Calendar.

Updated: September 24, 2014