The Occupational Health Program (OHP) partners with the employee, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Facilities, Police, Research, Student Health Center and Human Resources to understand working conditions and to ensure that precautions are taken to protect the University’s most valuable asset — our employees.

The Occupational Health Program is committed to providing a safe and productive working environment for all employees, students and volunteers.

The University provides the Occupational Health Program for all individuals working within UTD animal facilities, and those with potential exposure to certain biological, chemical and other physical hazards.

Medical Surveillance

The Occupational Health team will assess an employee’s health risks through review of individual risk assessments, work histories, possible physical assessments and biological testing. This review will establish a baseline in order to monitor future health as it relates to occupational hazards.

All employees who work in a hazardous area or job function should complete a risk assessment. All employees who work in UTD animal facilities must complete a risk assessment and enroll in the Occupational Health Program.

Benefits and Services Offered

  • Preventive Health Care
  • Protect and sustain the health and well-being of campus community
  • Baseline medical assessment for higher risk work and activities
  • Work history assessment
  • Health risk counseling and training for issues that may impact your job functions
  • Medical clearance, hearing and respiratory fit testing for job
  • Job-specific drug testing, vaccinations and titers
  • Treatment, management, and follow-up of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Fitness for duty and travel consultations