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UTDesign® Capstone: A Habit of Winning

UTDesign®: A Habit of Winning

UTDesign lab space

Through UTDesign, the Jonsson School’s corporate-sponsored capstone program, students have taken top honors in back-to-back national design competitions.

Biennial National Capstone Conference

UTDesign TeamA UTDesign team won first place for their device that aids in the treatment of incontinence. Realizing the prototype’s potential impact on healthcare, CerSci Therapeutics has spun out a separate business and invited the UTDesign team leader to help co-found the company.
UTDesign GroupThis first-place capstone project was sponsored by Frito-Lay. Students built a prototype tool that automated the adjustment process of blade gaps on Frito-Lay’s potato slicers. Frito-Lay extended three internships to team members to fully develop the tool.


ASME Manufacturing Science and Engineering Design Conference Student Design Competition

UTDesign Group

This group designed and constructed a robot to replace a manual component-placement process used in the assembly of radar devices produced by Ratheon Co. Their system cuts average cycle time for the replacement process in half and is expected to save an estimated $100,000 per year in labor and component costs once fully implemented.

Winning Design TeamThe winning design focused on the development of a machine that measures how well a coating, such as an anti-reflective coating, adheres to an optical lens. Their prototype, created for Essilor of America, performs an adhesion test that can provide more consistent results and relieve operator fatigue.
UTDesign GroupThis project, sponsored by Ratheon Co., focused on the development of an automated machine that places lids on small electronic packages. The new machine was expected to save $50,000 in labor costs per year, reduce test time of each package, and increase the number of packages.


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