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Money Matters

The Financial Aid Office awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students based on financial need, residency status and other criteria specific to the scholarship program. Education benefits are also available to veterans and their spouses and dependents.

Scholarships offered through private sources are available throughout the academic year. Students apply for these types of scholarships through either a University scholarship committee or the specific donor.

The Guaranteed Tuition Plan is designed to help new students and their families better plan for the cost of a college education. The Tuition Promise dedicates resources to cover the tuition and mandatory fees for newly-enrolling students whose families earn $25,000 or less annually and who meet other specific qualifications.

UT Dallas scholarship programs, available for undergraduate and graduate students, are administered by a department or program and are awarded based on academic merit and achievement. Students should contact the department or program of their chosen discipline for information about the availability of scholarships.

Applicants and students who are awarded a UT Dallas competitive scholarship and are classified as non-resident/out-of-state in their admission letter may receive in conjunction with the scholarship a "competitive scholarship waiver." This waiver allows a student to pay tuition at the resident/in-state rate. The State of Texas strictly limits how many competitive scholarship waivers may be offered, and the awarding of such waivers is at the sole discretion of the University.

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