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Admissions Information Related to COVID-19

In an effort to support social distancing in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Office of Admission and Enrollment has moved virtually. While our campus may be closed, our undergraduate admission counselors and staff are ready to help you.

Current AES Recipient Frequently Asked Questions

When and how will I receive my AES funds?+

Prior to the first day of class and Census Day, you may see a balance in EZ Pay that does not show the disbursement of your AES. Your AES awards will disburse between the first day of class and Census Day. See the Academic Calendar for all important dates like Census Day. All AES Scholars meeting the AES Requirements receive a scholarship protection on their accounts. This protection prevents AES recipients from being dropped due to non-payment until Census Day of the term.

AES award disbursement could be impacted by several factors such as holds and course load.

Do I need to fill out a FAFSA to renew my AES?+

No. Renewal of an AES award is only based on enrollment and meeting the AES renewal requirements.

If my scholarship is terminated, how can I get reinstated?+

To request reinstatement of your scholarship, contact [email protected] prior to census day (the 14th day of class) of the current semester.

I have semesters of AES eligibility remaining after I complete my undergraduate degree. How can I utilize the remaining semesters of eligibility?+

AES Scholars who graduate with semester(s) of eligibility remaining may request to utilize those towards a degree-seeking graduate program. AES funds cannot be used towards another baccalaureate degree, post-baccalaureate, or graduate certificate. To request Graduate Usage, students must be in meeting the AES Requirements, enrollment must be continuous after undergraduate graduation, and students must receive approval from the AES Program prior to enrolling in graduate courses.

What if I am unable to enroll in 12 unique credit hours?+

AES recipients who enroll in less than 12 unique credit hours must contact [email protected]. AES scholars must always be enrolled in at least 12 unique credit hours in a semester and be on track for a timely graduation. Courses taken for grade replacement do not count towards the unique hour requirement. Please note a reduction in credit hours may impact other financial aid.

Can I upgrade my AES award level if I do well after my first year at UT Dallas?+

No, we do not upgrade AES awards for students who perform well academically at UT Dallas. We encourage AES Scholars to seek other scholarship opportunities available at UT Dallas.

Can I transfer my AES to another institution within the University of Texas System+

No. The AES Program is a unique UT Dallas institutional scholarship.

Can I apply for additional semesters of eligibility to finish my undergraduate degree or to pursue graduate work?+

Unfortunately, the AES Program cannot award additional semesters of eligibility beyond the eight originally offered to AES recipients even if students take less than 15 unique UT Dallas hours per semester.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?+

You can reach the Academic Excellence Scholarship office at [email protected] or 972-883-4300.

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