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Admissions Information Related to COVID-19

In an effort to support social distancing in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Office of Admission and Enrollment has moved virtually. While our campus may be closed, our undergraduate admission counselors and staff are ready to help you. If you are a prospective first-time-in-college freshman or transfer student, you can visit our counselor locator page to find your undergraduate admission counselor. Feel free to email them directly or send any questions to [email protected]. You can also schedule a virtual pre-admission counseling appointment. For graduate applications support, please contact the graduate departments directly.

Visit our undergraduate virtual resources webpage and the undergraduate admissions C19-FAQ for up-to-date information. We appreciate your understanding — please stay safe and healthy.

Maintaining AES Scholarships

AES recipients agree to meet the following academic requirements:

Understanding the Academic Requirements

4-Year pacing

UT Dallas and the Academic Excellence Scholarships are committed to four-year graduation rates for all scholarship students. Students often enter UT Dallas with Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or Dual Credit hours that they earned prior to their high school graduation. These hours can help students graduate in four years (or even sooner).

To maintain an AES award, recipients must meet the following hours milestones at the end of each semester. All hours must count toward the student’s degree.

Semester Hours
First Year Fall Semester 15
First Year Spring Semester 30
Second Year Fall Semester 45
Second Year Spring Semester 60
Third Year Fall Semester 75
Third Year Spring Semester 90
Fourth Year Fall Semester 105
Fourth Year Spring Semester Graduated

Semester Probation

Students who do not enroll full-time, maintain satisfactory academic progress, and/or achieve a 3.0 GPA or better at the conclusion of each semester are placed on probation. Violations of the UT Dallas Code of Conduct in current or previous semesters may also result in probation. Students placed on scholarship probation will be required to participate in the AES Student Success Program.

Failure to return to good scholarship standing or meet the terms of the probation may result in final probation, suspension or termination of the student’s AES award.

* Code of Conduct violations may take time to resolve. Students may be placed on scholarship probation for a violation in previous semesters.

Final Probation

After two semesters of coursework at UT Dallas, if a student has not enrolled full-time, is not on pace to graduate on time, and/or has not achieved a 3.0 GPA or greater, the student will be placed on final probation.

Students on final probation will participate in the Student Success Program and meet with their Scholarship Probation Advisor. Failure to return to good scholarship standing or meet the terms of the probation may result in suspension or termination of the student’s AES award.

Suspension of Academic Excellence Scholarship

If a student repeatedly does not meet the AES requirements, the AES Director reserves the right to suspend an AES award without offering the option of participating in a scholarship probation program. Students who fail to enroll in courses in a semester without prior permission will have their scholarship suspended and will lose a semester of eligibility.

Students suspended or expelled from UT Dallas, or students repeatedly not meeting the UT Dallas Code of Conduct, will be terminated from AES without the option of participating in a scholarship probation program. This includes, but is not limited to probation programs such as the Student Success Program.

AES Student Success Program

The AES Student Success Program engages AES students who may not be on track to meet the AES Requirements necessary to maintain their scholarship. At the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters, students who have not met the program requirements are required to participate in the Student Success Program. Failure to participate will lead to automatic termination of the scholarship.

In this program, students receive one-on-one attention from Scholarship Probation Advisors in the Student Outreach and Academic Retention (SOAR) office to:

If students receive an AES scholarship probation notice, they must attend a meeting with a Scholarship Probation Advisor prior to census day (the 14th day of classes) of the current semester or their scholarship will be terminated.

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