Terrorism and Policy Conference - 2016


Todd Sandler (UTD, Economics) [email protected]

Patrick Brandt (UTD, Political Science) [email protected]

Daniel G. Arce (UTD, Economics) [email protected]

Donggyu Sul (UTD, Economics) [email protected]

Idean Salehyan (University of Texas at Dallas, Political Science) [email protected]

Claude Berrebi (Hebrew University, Public Policy) [email protected] 

Alex Braithwaite (University of Arizona, Government and Pub Policy) [email protected]

Bridget L. Coggins (UC Santa Barbara, Political Science)  [email protected]

Ursula Daxecker (University of Amsterdam, Political Science) [email protected]

Walter Enders (University of Alabama, Economics) [email protected]

Michael Findley (University of Texas, Political Science) [email protected]  

Khusrav Gaibulloev (American University, Sharjah, UAE, Economics) [email protected]

Javier Gardeazabal (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain, Economics) [email protected]

Martin Gassebner (University of Hannover, Economics) [email protected] 

Justin George (University of Texas at Dallas) [email protected] 

Kristian Gleditsch (University of Essex, Political Science) [email protected]

Christos Kollias (University of Thessaly, Economics, Greece) [email protected]

David Mason (University of North Texas, Political Science) [email protected]

Eric Neumayer (LSE, Geography and Environment) [email protected]

Brian Phillips (CIDE, Mexico) [email protected]

James Piazza (Penn State University, Political Science) [email protected] 

Nicholas Sambanis (Yale University, Political Science) [email protected] 

William Shughart (Utah State University) [email protected]

Javed Younas (American University, Sharjah, UAE, Economics) [email protected]



Additional participants to be announced.