Dr. Michelle Adams to Deliver Alumni Master Lecture

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Dr. Michelle Adams, the founder of Marketing Brainology and 2014 Distinguished EPPS Alumnus, will deliver the Alumni Master Lecture on Thursday, March 27. Her topic is: "Predicting Human Behavior: Why the World Will Belong to Economics and Neuroscientists." The lecture begins at 4:00pm in the Founders Building Second Floor Atrium and will be followed by a reception at 5:00pm.

In her lecture, Dr. Adams will discuss the groundbreaking ways in which companies around the world have started to measure and react to human behavior. She will explain how these breakthroughs in behavioral psychology have allowed companies to enhance their relationships with both consumers and employees, and she will show how this new understanding of human behavior challenges the classical model of perfect rationality.

Before founding Marketing Brainology, Dr. Adams worked for 10 years as Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Shopping Insights at PepsiCo. She received her Ph.D in Political Economy from UT Dallas in 1995 and served as an adjunct professor at UT Dallas and SMU for 15 years.

Dr. Adams's work forces her to deal with many different fields of study at once, and she believes that her time at UT Dallas helped prepare her for her current career.

"One of the strengths of the Political Economy program at UT Dallas is the multi-disciplinary approach the program takes," she said. "Today, I incorporate that thinking in my consulting practice. Depending on the research problem, there are several possible research approaches to address it. A multi-disciplinary approach to problems helps us broaden the lens [through which] we see the world, and brings us closer to addressing the hardest challenges."

Both at PepsiCo and Marketing Brainology, Dr. Adams has worked to understand the link between shoppers' attitudes and their behaviors in retail stores. Her understanding of the emotional component to decision-making has helped her build sustainable and successful brands.

In addition to her work in the corporate world, Dr. Adams has remained connected to UT Dallas. She currently serves as a member of the EPPS Advisory Council alongside other successful UT Dallas alumni.

Interested students and alumni should register by March 20 at alumni.utdallas.edu/epps