EPPS Alum and NY Times Best-Selling Author to Speak

New York Times best-selling author and EPPS alumnus Dr. Britt Berrett will be speaking on health care policy as part of the inaugural EPPS Alumni Master Lecture Series on Thursday, October 17. The lecture begins at 4 p.m. in the Founders Building Second Floor Atrium and will be followed by a reception at 5:00pm.

In his lecture, Dr. Berrett, who received his PhD in Public Affairs from UT Dallas in 2009, plans to discuss the Affordable Care Act and why he calls it, “the most significant health care act in history.”

Now president of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Dr. Berrett has spent the past 25 years as a healthcare executive, and he will use his extensive experience to highlight the groundbreaking path that health care policy must travel in the near future.

Dr. Berrett believes that the lessons learned in health care administration can be applied throughout society , and he hopes his talk “will inspire change in leadership in all kinds of organizations.”

“We have the finest health care delivery system in the world, and we do more to help people than ever in the history of mankind,” Dr. Berrett said. However, since the health care system is “tied to all aspects of our lives,” he emphasizes the fact that, “change will require different ways to lead organizations.”

Dr. Berrett is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Patients Come Second: Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead, which urges health care executives to create exceptional teams of health care employees in order to foster a successful medical environment. Dr. Berrett's book was the #5 bestseller in Hardcover Advice and Miscellaneous Books earlier this year.

In addition to watching the health care industry evolve, Dr. Berrett, has also seen the transformative changes UT Dallas has experienced in the time since he first arrived at the university. The rapid improvement he saw left him impressed.

“I am enamored with not only the aesthetic changes, but also the organizational changes,” he said. “I am inspired by how progressive the administration at the university is. My studies at UT Dallas were a challenging and rewarding time that prepared me for the responsibilities I now hold as a health care executive.”

Interested students and alumni should register by October 10 at alumni.utdallas.edu/epps.