EPPS Faculty in the News

EPPS faculty members Dr. Nadine Connell and Dr. Sheryl Skaggs made headlines this week as they offered their expertise on news stories discussing the rising social issues of bullying and youth unemployment.

A Texas high school football coach's actions made national news when a parent complained that a 91-0 victory against an opposing team amounted to bullying on the part of the coach. However, the coach claimed he did not intentionally run up the score and, in fact, put in his third-string players to avoid such a lopsided victory. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Assistant Professor of Criminology Dr. Nadine Connell argued that such claims could actually be harmful to the fight against bullying.

Just as Dr. Connell offered her opinion about the true definition of bullying, Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Sheryl Skaggs provided information about the rising problem of "idle youth" in a news feature about Dallas's own population of 100,000 "idle youth." These individuals, youths between the ages of 16 and 24 who are unemployed and out of school, have more than doubled in number since 2006, and Dr. Skaggs emphasized that the setbacks these youths face today will lead to lifelong difficulties when seeking jobs and social connections.