EPPS Faculty Spotlight

Jonas Bunte
Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy

Jonas Bunte, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy, is an expert in politics of finance. His work analyzes how distributional consequences of financial flows provide domestic actors the incentive for political action, and how domestic institutions shape this process.

One of Dr. Bunte's current projects investigates loans from BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to developing countries. He analyzes why some developing countries choose to borrow from the BRICs while others prefer to borrow from the IMF or private creditors. He argues that the distributional consequences of BRIC loans differ from those of western or private creditors. He subsequently shows that the government's choice of creditor depends on the preferences of the dominant interest group coalitions.

Another current project concerns the effect of natural resources. In particular, he examines the effect of non-tax revenues on macroeconomic outcomes such as export performance or inflation. For example, one paper provides evidence that a high degree of central wage coordination interrupt the apparent relationship between income from natural resources and the decline of the manufacturing sector.

Dr. Bunte uses a mixed-methods approach that combines statistics and field research. For this purpose, his expertise includes time series analysis, panel data estimation techniques, as well as spatial econometrics. His experience with qualitative methods includes fieldwork in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador as well as archival research in the United States and Switzerland.