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Political Scientist Receives Grant to Study Refugees in Germany

The war in Syria and the rise of the Islamic State have prompted hundreds of thousands of people to seek refuge in the Europe Union in recent years. Germany has been in the forefront of resettling efforts, welcoming more than a million migrants in 2015 alone. Patrick Larue, a lecturer in the EPPS political science program, has just been awarded a $8000 grant by the Texas National Security Network to travel to Germany and survey the refugee populations there.

Larue will be asking refugees about three key issues: their labor force integration experience, the social integration experience, and their thoughts on which governmental services they find most important. He also will be gathering data about their perceptions of discrimination. In addition, Larue will be working on compiling new data estimates on refugee employment.

The Texas National Security Network is a UT System initiative that seeks to unite the expertise and resources of the fourteen member institutions with the goal of creating the premier university system in the country for national security work.

Posted Aug 10, 2018