Interested in Sociology? Join the Club!

By Franco Bria-Massaro, EPPS Freshman

The Sociology Club at UT Dallas is a relaxed, fun, and simple approach to understanding the core concepts of sociology outside of a classroom setting. Although the club is in its infancy – it was started just last year -- it's a good way for students to get involved on campus and learn about interesting, diverse, and exciting topics in sociology.

The club meets about once a month, and topics vary from group discussions on sociological ideas such as race, gender, and class, to internship and job opportunities for sociology majors. Last spring, students traveled to Babb Bros BBQ and Blues as part of their Urban Adventure series.

The restaurant is located at the base of the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, which has been billed as a symbolic link between affluent North Dallas and the impoverished South Dallas. Club members participated in an open discussion forum on gentrification and other urban sociology issues.

Aside from group meetings, the club also periodically undertakes service projects. For example, members recently sponsored a food drive for the North Texas Food Bank. The club also helps connect students with educational opportunities at the university. Earlier this school year, the club hosted a meeting with graduate advisor, Nora Hernandez. She explained procedures for fast-tracking into graduate school and gaining graduate school credits, while still completing an undergraduate education.

Dr. Nick Vargas is the faculty advisor for the club. The combination of student and faculty interaction allows the club to help its members connect with the faculty and gain greater interaction and support, while adding another level of communication with professors that will possibly teach their classes.

For more information on the Sociology Club, join the club on Facebook or contact President Janie English at [email protected].